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The 8 types of people you always find at a campsite

Group of people relaxing at a campsite with tents

We all love camping. Fresh air, green spaces, like-minded souls. Well, that’s the idea anyway.

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Camping attracts different people for various reasons and you never find two people the same. We take a fun look at the characters you’ll find at almost every British campsite, and if you don’t recognise them, then there’s a good chance it’s you!

The serious hikers

Their state of the art, stable, weather-resistant tent nestles in a shady dip near the trees. Spot them by their high-performance walking & hiking gear – that’s if you’re up early enough. Get them chatting and this middle-aged couple are full of sensible advice. You won’t find them taking a glowing barbecue into their tent.

The boozy brotherhood

These twenty-somethings have worked out how to get twelve into a supermarket three-man. Expect them to trip over your guide ropes shortly after closing time. Luminous guide ropes can help, assuming the person passing can still see. Stay calm when one of them unzips your door – he thinks it’s his tent.

The festival-heads

Hanging out between major alfresco music events, this gang is not about to stop the party. They listen to music non-stop, even while they sleep, so don’t forget your earplugs. Camping veterans, they’re still capable of starting a fire with a candle or a joss-stick, so keep a fire bucket to hand.

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Group of friends camping at a festival

The musos

For some camping is all about embracing the unspoiled British landscapes; for these creative types camping means unfettered musicianship. They’ll set up their tents and vans, each full of instruments, in a circle, and start tuning up over breakfast. If you’re lucky, they can actually play and you’ll get free gigs every evening.

The young family

This couple can’t go out in the evenings, so sit at a camping table outside their chalet tent drinking and bickering. Their toddlers wreak havoc all day across the site, so lock away anything hazardous or flammable. Why not invite the adults to dinner, and ask the kids to play with yours?

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The new couple

These youngsters don’t even know you’re there – they only have eyes for each other. They’re also campsite virgins, and no-one’s explained how a camping lamp can throw shadows onto tent walls. If you’re sick of the embarrassing magic lantern show, you could always broach the subject…or go to the pub.

Young couple camping in a tent

The huge family

A muddle of vans, awnings, chalet tents and floral pop-ups, this group features teenage music lovers, intrepid tinies and kids who love outdoor living. Mum likes historical monuments and Dad’s disappeared with the hikers. The campsite offers something to all, but brace yourself when someone calls them for dinner.

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The thrifters

These two youngsters holidaying on the cheap would prefer a hotel. They’re squashed into a leaky single-skin two-man tent, and brought pot snacks but no camping cooking equipment. Boil your travel kettle and get them chatting – they could be born-again campers with a little gentle guidance.

What kinds of people do you often see when you go camping? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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