A Beginner's Guide to Glamping

Glamping is something of a global trend, with a number of outdoor enthusiasts looking for a more restful and recreational form of camping. A glamorous form of camping, if you will.

This has spawned the portmanteau word glamping, and the replacement of tents with yurts and so much more. 

Sleeping bags are out and luxury Egyptian cotton bedding is in. Swap a remote farmer’s field for the ‘chic’ surroundings at the back of an Elks Lodge. Glamping offers amazing locations and luxury touches; it’s truly something for everyone.

Glamping is a halfway house for adventurers who are interested in camping – but would prefer to ease their way in.

So, if you’ve always been interested in glamping but don’t know where to start, read on to find out more…

What is Glamping?

If you combine ‘glamour’ with camping you’re practically there. Glamping combines the creature comforts of a hotel with the simplicity of camping.

Glamping takes the fuss and frustration out of camping while retaining all of its magic. Sleeping under the stars, getting cosy alongside nature, and enjoying a campfire in amazing locations. No more wrestling tent poles, studying the lingo, sleeping on the bumpy ground, or being in an uncomfortable tent.

Glamping gets us back to the natural environment and offers us a welcome break from our fast-paced lives and technology. Tentative campers can forget about sleep deprivation on roll mats or trying to brew a cup of tea in a storm. It is luxury alongside the escapism and adventure of camping.

What do I need to know before I go on a glamping holiday?

Some may say ‘if you can’t hack camping – go glamping’, but that’s an unfair knock on an amazing activity. If nothing else, glamping is at least giving people exposure to the countryside and life outside cities.

If you’re looking for an outdoor holiday without experiencing some of the ‘discomforts’ of traditional camping, then glamping is for you. There are some incredible glamping locations around the world, and here in the UK where some of the accommodation is truly spectacular.

If this sounds like something for you, then glamping is certainly worthwhile.


What are the main reasons to go glamping?


This is the main reason is to ‘glamp’. It’s “roughing it” without the “rough” part. Forget being cramped in a tent, spread out in a cabin with real beds for a great night’s sleep. Enjoy your own five-star hotel room among nature. Bliss.


Not everyone likes the idea of proper outdoor camping. After all, rough cooking or the lack of a bathroom isn’t for everyone. From a stove to a full-size kitchen, cooking while you’re glamping becomes a real pleasure. You can even have power showers and en suite bathrooms. Relax with luxury.

You don’t have to be a seasoned camper

You may think that camping is as simple as buying a tent and heading outdoors – but it’s not like that. The gear needed to rough it can add up quickly along with being educated on everything. You don’t have any of that with glamping. 


From coastal havens and deserts to mountain landscapes and wooded retreats, glamping sites are always based at some of the most incredible destinations. You can glamp in quite literally anything – from treehouses and glamping pods to yurts and shepherd’s huts, the possibilities are endless. 

Of course, glamping sites take campsites up a notch, and you won’t be disappointed by the experience. But, you don’t have to stay in a glamping pod to experience glamping – invest in a top of the line tent and you’ll also experience luxury on an outdoor holiday.



Glamping will immerse you in nature and help you protect it. We guarantee that you’ll have a heightened appreciation for ecology because of it. Tents, huts, cabins, and yurts require next to nothing to be assembled, making glamping a low-impact green activity.

Less stress

When you think of camping, you likely imagine fussing over a tent and cramped sleeping arrangements. The tent pitching process can be infuriating in itself if you are inexperienced, but with glamping, there’s none of that. Easy. You can simply turn up and leave at your own pace with minimal stress, and the size of a glamping tent tends to be a much more spacious setting. 

The best outdoor brands for premium glamping equipment 

So, of course, this will depend on where you visit and the on-site facilities you will already have available to you. However, there are outdoor equipment luxuries available that’ll certainly enhance any outdoor experience. 

At Winfields Outdoors, we stock tons of premium brands that are known for providing the best and most luxurious outdoor camping equipment, perfectly suited to a glamorous glamping holiday.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about camping equipment that’s perfectly suited to a glamping style outdoor holiday, see below for a few of our top picks. 



If you’re a foodie who’d love to be able to cook the most delicious pizzas whilst on a glamping adventure – look no further than Ooni.

Ooni specialises in producing the most incredible outdoor portable pizza ovens, perfecting for enhancing any alfresco dining experience.

There are plenty of top quality Ooni models to choose from, including gas and multi-fuel options, as well as wood pellet pizza ovens – perfect for creating a tasty smoky flavour. 

And, should you want a night off from pizza during your glamping retreat, you’ll be able to use an Ooni pizza oven to cook a wide variety of mouth-watering meals by simply using it as a portable oven instead. 

To browse our full selection of Ooni pizza ovens and accessories, click here.


If you’re more of a ‘fire up the barbie’ type of foodie, Char-Broil’s got you covered. 

Char-Broil is an industry-leading outdoor cookware brand, specialising in BBQs and grills. And, lucky for glampers – we have a portable Char-Broil grill in stock that’s perfect for making the most flavoursome grilled favourites on an outdoor holiday. 

If tucking into hearty grilled dishes sounds like heaven to you – we highly recommend checking out what our range of Char-Broil has to offer. Click here to discover more.


Totalcool is a luxury outdoor equipment brand that specialises in producing the most innovative cooling software systems on the market. 

If you were to take a Totalcool compressor fridge freezer with you on a glamping trip, you’d benefit from the latest technology and features – which includes designated fridge and freezer compartments with the addition of LED displays and control systems for ease of use. Oh, and they have pretty impressive unplugged run times! 

No matter which Totalcool model you go for – it’ll boast a lightweight and ergonomic design, further enhancing portability performance. To discover what this brand has to offer, click here.


Having earnt its industry-leading status for producing the most sophisticated tent technology on the market, Vango is the perfect brand for those who love a little luxury on an outdoor holiday. 

If a glamping holiday doesn’t necessarily mean staying in a glamping pod to you – take a look at the Vango Keswick II TC 600DLX Air Tent as a perfect example of what luxury tents can look like. 

Made from ultra-durable polycotton fabric for ensured quality and luxury, this is the type of tent that’ll last for years to come.  

This Vango creation features a host of worthwhile features, including a SkyTrack II® system (one of Vango’s very own innovations), which allows for comfort add-ons, such as lighting and storage solutions. Perfect for making a tent look and feel like a slice of home! 

If a huge living area, fully enclosable front porch and spacious sleeping provisions sound great to you, this is the perfect choice of accommodation for glamping. Click here to browse our full Vango range.


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