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A beginner’s guide to Glamping

Glamping has become something of a global trend in recent years, with a number of outdoor enthusiasts (and many people who aren’t all the keen on sleeping in the wilderness…) looking for a more resting and recreational form of camping. A glamorous form of camping, if you will.

This has spawned the portmanteau word Glamping, and the replacement of tents with yurts, sleeping bags with luxury egyptian cotton bedding and a remote farmers field for the ‘chic’ surroundings at the back of an Elks Lodge.

What is Glamping?

According to Glamping.com, it can be defined as:

A fusion of glamour and camping […] Glamping pivots on a high level of service that focuses on the on the complete comfort of the guests. The amenities found at glamping destinations far exceed anything recreational campers experience.

I’m sure that will translate to some as ‘if you can’t hack camping – go glamping’, but it is at least giving people exposure to the countryside and life outside cities as this excellent ‘infoglamphic’ from Canopy & Stars illustrates:

Glamping infographic

Should I go Glamping?

If you’re looking for an outdoor holiday or want to stop at a music festival without experiencing some of the perceived ‘discomforts’ of traditional camping, then Glamping is certainly worth a try. Have no doubt that there are some incredible ‘Glamping’ locations around the world, and even here in the UK and some of the accommodation is truly spectacular.

If this sounds like something for you, then Glamping is certainly worthwhile.

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