The Best Caravan Awnings 2024

A caravan awning is essential for many caravan and motorhome enthusiasts. Offering extra space, shelter, and shade – their value is never-ending!

A caravan awning is essential for many caravan and motorhome enthusiasts. Offering extra space, shelter, and shade – their value is never-ending!

Whether you’re an old hand at pitching an awning or have found yourself eyeing them up at caravan sites, you might be wondering where to find the best caravan awnings. Here at Winfields Outdoors, we’ve put together a few of our top picks for the best caravan awnings that we believe tick all of the boxes to help you prepare for the camping season ahead.

Read on to discover some of the best caravan awnings for your next outdoor adventure…

Dometic Rally Pro 330 Caravan Awning

Simple to pitch, a caravan awning is a fantastic way to expand your available living space and enjoy the outdoors in comfort. The Dometic Rally Pro 330 caravan awning adds 330 x 250cm of external space for you to get plenty of fresh air, but still have some level of protection from the weather.

It’s worth mentioning that the profile of the Rally offers a more upright position than other caravan awnings of this type, which allows for more front headroom whilst also maximising the available floor space. In addition, this caravan awning is also an ideal replacement for the traditional caravan awnings when ease of set up, weight and storage are taken into consideration.

Key features:

  • Weathershield™ Pro fabric is lightweight and durable, providing protection from the elements.
  • Crystal clear windows for a great view out and a light and airy interior.
  • Removable and reversible doors allow for multiple configurations to suit the weather, and to allow for additional optional annexes for more space.
  • Mesh side panels allow for bug-free ventilation.
  • Multi-height, adjustable front poles allow for a perfect pitch every time – even on uneven ground.
  • Lightweight DynaLite frame makes installation easy once you’ve parked up.

Combining sizable proportions and excellent features, the Dometic Rally Pro 330 Caravan Awning is one of the best caravan awnings for this season.

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Outdoor Revolution Sportlite Air 320 Caravan Awning

Developed for caravanners, by caravanners, this functional and extremely practical high-performance caravan porch awning is the perfect touring accessory this season.

The Sportlite Air 320 is packed with great features, including reliable build quality using the excellent 280HDE high density all-weather lightweight fabric. Plus, the market-leading Oxygen Air Frame system ensures the awning can be put up and taken down in a matter of minutes.

Key features:

  • Single inflation point Dura-tech welded Air Frame with Dynamic Speed Valve and patented Intelligent Relief Valve system expelling any excess air, typically caused by over-inflation or sudden changes in the ambient temperature.
  • Fully roll to the side front panels to open the awning up in warmer weather.
  • Zip-out left and right side doors to open up the awning further or to accept an optional annexe.
  • Zip-back Phoenix mesh panels in both side access doors for insect-free ventilation.
  • Expansive tinted anti-glare window panels provide an excellent view and protect against harmful UV rays while increasing privacy and creating a more comfortable atmosphere.

This caravan awning provides a versatile outdoor space, with plenty of room to kick back and relax – and enjoy the views with a nice cup of tea. This space can also be expanded further with the use of an optional annexe on either side of the caravan awning, offering flexible additional storage and/or sleeping areas.

Vango Balletto 330 Air Elements ProShield Caravan Awning

This revolutionary caravan air awning features the very latest in innovation, making the Balletto the perfect awning for spending time relaxing on the campsite! The Balletto 330 Air boasts the new SuperBeam® Single Point Inflation and Multi-Point Deflation system from Vango, allowing for an ultra-quick pitch and pack up.

What’s more, this awning option also benefits from Vango’s Draught Seal System and draught skirt, to keep your awning comfortable – even throughout challenging weather conditions.

Key features:

  • New SuperBeam® S.I Pro® provides Single Point Inflation for quick and easy inflation onsite, whilst Multi-Point Deflation allows you to deflate in record time when packing up.
  • The added feature of self-isolating AirBeams™ ensures the structure remains strong and functional should a puncture occur by allowing single-direction airflow.
  • Using Elements ProShield 300D Fabric and fully taped seams, this caravan awning is highly weather-resistant and designed to survive a wide range of conditions.
  • Diamond clear windows offer great views whilst maximising light to provide a bright and airy environment for you to enjoy.
  • The SkyTrack® II hanging system allows you to attach lighting or additional privacy curtains with ease.

With two Flexi Door front panels that can be fully removed for flexible entry, and split access side doors, this is a superb caravan awning for a weekend trip – or longer!

Isabella Cirrus North 300 Air Caravan Awning

With a combination of top-quality materials, classic Isabella design features, and a unique air system, the Isabella Cirrus North 300 Air Caravan Awning is one of the best awnings for caravans on the market this season.

The protective upper canopy keeps your caravan awning safe from the elements, but also looks and feels stylish and comfortable. Covering an area of 300 x 275cm, the Isabella Cirrus North 300 caravan awning offers you plenty of additional outdoor space for the whole family.

Key features:

  • A large and luxurious living space with high ceilings offers you maximum room for relaxation on your trip.
  • The IsaAir system makes excellent use of a single inflation point for simple installation, with modular valves to make it easy to replace without disassembly.
  • The triple-layered air tubes are airtight, stable, and durable.
  • This caravan awning design requires no additional poles to make inflation quick and easy.
  • Breathable Isacryl fabric allows air to circulate to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, whilst large mosquito nets at either end keep the inner area bug-free.

Bring a comfortable, homey feel to your caravan with this air awning from Isabella. With space for a table and chairs, and privacy curtains, it’ll (almost) be like you brought your living room with you on your trip.

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Outdoor Revolution Eclipse Pro 420 Air Caravan Awning

Love your family, but craving a little more space for everyone to relax in? Then you should consider the Outdoor Revolution Eclipse Pro 420 Air Caravan Awning. This is the perfect attachment to fit caravans or smaller motorhomes and give you more room to enjoy your time away together.

Coming in with a vast 420 x 250cm floorplan, the Eclipse Pro 420 is one of the best caravan awnings in terms of size. But there’s more! The intelligently designed airframe technology makes this air awning quick and simple to inflate, meaning you can squeeze every second of enjoyment out of your holiday without worrying about installing your awning.

Key features:

  • Pro 600HD High Density Oxford Weave Fabric is weather-resistant and resilient, whilst also remaining lightweight for easier transportation.
  • Dura-Tech welded oxygen air frame ensures supreme stability and optimal performance over several years.
  • A single inflation point allows for super-fast pitching, and deflation is available at the push of a button.
  • The Phoenix self-healing mesh is designed to recover from ‘snag’ damages, ensuring your efficient ventilation system can also remain bug-free for longer.
  • Anti-glare windows and skylights let in plenty of natural light to permit exceptional views of the outside, whilst providing protection from harmful UV rays.

Using patented intelligent frame relief valves, the Outdoor Revolution Eclipse Pro air awning is capable of relieving any excess air caused by overinflation to prevent avoidable damages. This, and other aspects of the design, contribute to an effective and sophisticated caravan awning that’s compatible with multiple caravans within the height range.

Sunncamp Swift Deluxe 390 SC Caravan Awning

Last, but certainly not least, the Sunncamp Swift Deluxe 390 SC Caravan Awning is making an entrance on the camping scene this season. With a fresh new look, and a bundle of attractive features, this is certainly a caravan awning to watch.

Weighing in at approximately 11.5kg, this is a lightweight caravan awning that somehow still doesn’t skimp on space – with a floorplan of 390 x 240cm fitting into this compact package. Plus, increased compatibility with optional extras means you can customise your caravan awning as you wish. Add in a sun canopy to either side of the awning, or set up a front door canopy for a more open entryway.

Key features:

  • Steel and fibreglass frame provides a sturdy, durable support system to withstand the elements.
  • Ace-Tech 75D polyester fabric is weather-resistant and water-resistant to provide plenty of protection from the elements.
  • Storm buckles and a draught skirt provide added protection from inclement weather.
  • Large, clear windows allow you to enjoy stunning vistas of the world around you from the comfort of your pitch.
  • Curtains come as standard on all windows, allowing you maximum privacy whenever you want it.

Designed to fit caravans between 235 – 250cm, this versatile caravan awning is a must-have for the camping season. Need more sleeping rooms for extended family? Pick up a Sunncamp 2 Berth Inner Tent today to maximise your holiday space.

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Hopefully this guide has helped you decide on your next air awning? But, if you want more options, we have an exceptional selection of high-quality caravan awnings for you to choose from right here at Winfields Outdoors.

More of a campervan person? We’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on our fantastic campervan awnings to maximise your outdoor space. Or, pay a visit to the Winfields Outdoors blog for more useful buying guides and activity inspiration.

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