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Best Kids’ Back-to-School Coats

Winfield's kids in Autumn

It may still be the summer holidays, but it’s never too early to tick something off the new term to-do list – especially if you want to beat the back-to-school rush.

With the British weather as unpredictable as ever in September, what sort of children’s coat do you go with? Do you buy one coat for the start of term and then another for winter? Is a trend important to you or being tough? And let’s not forget being easy to clean.

We’ve picked four of the best back-to-school coats for kids that combine everything. They’re lightweight but warm, waterproof, wind-resistant, and can stand up to anything your little ones can throw at it.

Perfect for boys and girls, read on to discover the best jackets for all seasons…

Regatta Kids’ Hurdle III Waterproof Jacket


Regatta Kids’ Hurdle III Waterproof Jacket Range

Price: £50.00 RRP

Is it waterproof? Yes

Is it windproof? Yes

Is it insulated? Yes, Thermo-Guard insulation

Suitable for ages 3 up to 13

Don’t let wet weather stop your kids enjoying walks to school or outdoor adventures. The Hurdle III Jacket by Regatta brushes-off the worst of the weather and looks cool at the same time. Perfect for the playground or public park.

Constructed with a Hydrafort Polyester fabric, the Hurdle is extremely tough and waterproof while the taped seams see water beads run right off! 

Its Thermo-Guard insulation ensures the cold is kept at bay to keep your child warm all day. Finished with a grown-on elasticated hood, this really is a bad weather barrier throughout Autumn and into Winter.

Regatta Kids’ Volcanics III Waterproof Jacket

Regatta Kids’ Volcanics III Jacket Range

Price: £60.00 RRP

Is it waterproof? Yes

Is it windproof? Yes

Is it insulated? Yes, Thermo-Guard insulation

Suitable for ages 3 up to 13

Safety comes first with Regatta’s new Volcanics III Jacket. Excellent levels of weatherproofing, combined with a durable water-repellent finish, are provided by a lightweight Isolite fabric. 

This means the Volcanics jacket can hold its own against all British weather conditions throughout Autumn, while the Thermo-Guard Insulation ensures all heat is retained for your little ones.

Highly breathable, the jacket allows internal moisture to escape, keeping young adventurers dry and comfortable at playtime. Highly reflective panels are perfect as the mornings get darker, ensuring safety on the school run.

Trespass Kids’ Prime II 3-in-1 Jacket

Trespass Kids' Prime II 3-in-1 Range

Price: £79.99 RRP

Is it waterproof? Yes, 2000mm

Is it windproof? Yes

Is it insulated? Yes

Suitable for ages 3 up to 12

At home on the schoolyard or scrambling up a trail, the versatile Prime II 3-in-1 jacket by Trespass offers excellent protection from the elements, allowing your children to have year-round outdoor fun. To be worn 1-of-3 ways, this is the coat for all seasons.

The Tres-Shield technology features taped seams which locks-out the wind and rain while the inner fleece traps and holds body heat but remains light and breathable.

Adjustable at the cuffs and hem if your little one has a growth spurt, a concealed fold-away hood provides excellent coverage when the weather inevitably changes.

Trespass Kids’ Oskar Padded Jacket

Trespass Kids Oskar Padded Jacket Range

Price: £49.99 RRP

Is it waterproof? No, but water-resistant

Is it windproof? Yes

Is it insulated? Yes, padded 100% polyester

Suitable for ages 3 up to 12

A fantastic padded jacket that provides excellent value, the Kids’ Oskar by Trespass will keep your child warm in style. The design offers excellent comfort while water and wind-resistant material prevent them from feeling cold.

The Kids’ Oskar is right on trend for the return of the puffer jacket, making it a top choice for your child to wear on the school run, whatever the weather.

A grown-on elasticated hood and contrast zip ensure that your child stands out on the playground but is blocked from any weather that the British Autumn can throw at it.

Here are just a few pointers to remember when buying a coat for youngsters:

  • Make sure the coat is a little larger than necessary so that you can fit a thick jumper underneath.
  • Know the difference between waterproof and splash-proof.
  • The sleeves should not be too short or too tight, or there will be some very cold hands. The glove needs to be tucked inside the sleeve, so neither arm is exposed.

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