Best Motorhome Awnings in 2022

So, you’ve decided that a brand new awning would be a superb addition to your motorhome.

So, you’ve decided that a brand new awning would be a superb addition to your motorhome.

We don’t blame you! Although motorhomes tend to be pretty roomy, it always helps to have a little extra sheltered breathing space – this is where a motorhome awning comes in handy. 

Whether you plan on using a motorhome awning for additional storage purposes, play space, or even as a nice outdoor area for dining, our superb range of motorhome awnings are a must-have on your next trip.

In light of this, Winfields Outdoors has picked some of the best motorhome awnings for 2022. 

Read on to discover our recommendations of the best motorhome awnings for 2022…


Perfect for providing a large useable space on your outdoor adventure, this feature-packed motorhome awning is an excellent choice. The use of Inflatable AirBeam technology means you can pitch it in a matter of minutes, allowing plenty of time to kick back and enjoy your holiday. 

What’s more, the side attachment design ensures that you will always be facing the view wherever you go. The Galli III has a covered entrance, providing a sheltered entry during wet weather with two doors for easy and convenient access.

Pre-angled super beams maximise the useable space inside and offer ample height throughout, with diamond clear windows and skylights combined to bring light inside. This makes it a light and airy place in which to relax. AirZone ventilation makes use of high and low-level ventilation panels and reduces condensation for a comfortable flow of air.

 It’s also worth mentioning that the front and side doors are also fitted with internal mesh panels to aid not only with ventilation, but also with keeping the space bug-free!  

Key information

  • Attaching Height: 245 – 295cm (Kador Length: 290cm)
  • Pack Size: L78.0 x H43.0 x W45.0cm
  • Pitching Time: 10 – 20 Minutes


One of the most popular upper entry-level drive-away awnings available – and it is easy to see why. This Cayman awning offers unrivalled value for money, ideally suited as a small family weekender. 

Premium ultra-lightweight 120HDE fabric offers fantastic performance and a compact pack size, making this awning easy to take with you on any adventure. This is the Highline version of this model with an attachment, designed to fit large motorhomes. 

Featuring an easy-to-erect frame of just two fibreglass poles, the robust and stable awning provides a versatile and sizeable internal space. This makes it ideal for use whether it’s for relaxation, storage or even as accommodation for additional overnight guests with the use of an optional two berth inner tent pitched inside.

What’s more, this superb awning also allows for the option to zip a Bedroom Annexe to the back of the awning, giving the advantage of not compromising on living space.

Please note that this awning is also available as an air version.

Key information

  • Attaching Height: 255 – 305cm – (Highline)
  • Pack Size: 82 x 47 x 35cm (Approx.)
  • Pitching Time: 10 – 20 Minutes


This drive-away version of this best-selling awning allows you to leave it on-site while off exploring for the day, reserving your pitch.

The 390 awning sits at the top of the Rally Air Pro range and features a higher attaching height and spacious interior, making the awning perfect for larger motorhomes. A new feature for this superb awning includes a premium dual awning keder that allows a seamless connection to both a conventional caravan awning rail and motorhome cassette awnings.

Providing a large and versatile additional space alongside your motorhome, this awning is a great place to relax and unwind with family and friends. The large windows offer a great view and curtains are on hand for providing privacy. A light and airy interior is enhanced with roof skylights, allowing light to flood in during the day and offering a great view of the stars at night. A single inflation point means the awning can be set up in a matter of minutes, with the option of using a manual pump.

Key information

  • Attaching Height: 220 – 300cm
  • Pack Size: 99 x 56 x 37cm / 99 x 13 x 33cm
  • Pitching Time: 10 – 20 Minutes


You’ll love spending time with friends and family in this awning, creating that home-from-home feeling in a perfect living room-style space for your motorhome.

All space available within the awning can be used, thanks to the unique hexagonal design. Plus, thanks to a single beam with 3 valve options, the awning is fast and easy to inflate and deflate. It can be left free-standing by rolling the connecting tunnel away if you’re off exploring for the day and attachment height has been designed for fitment to large motorhomes.

The Hexaway’s versatile connecting tunnel has two doors for convenient access to the front or rear of your vehicle. The alternating diamond clear and mesh windows provide a bright and airy environment while allowing air to easily circulate to increase ventilation and keep things comfortable. A SkyTrack® System can be used to attach optional lighting, tidy cables or even hang additional storage units to personalise your space and free up more of the floor.

Key information

  • Attaching Height: 245 – 295cm (Kador Length: 248cm)
  • Pack Size: L70.0 x H42.0 x W43.0cm
  • Pitching Time: 10 – 20 Minutes



This excellent lightweight motorhome awning remains a firm family favourite and an excellent choice for larger touring groups.

This superb awning has many incredible features that make it a worthwhile addition to any motorhome. Several new design tweaks have been added, including a stunning contemporary aesthetic and shallow gothic arch roofline for increased stability and run-off. The rear cowl utilises a tapered, profile cut side, ensuring a weathertight fit. The Movelite T4 also facilitates left and right-hand entry, increasing accessibility for vehicles from the UK and Europe.

The large interior offers a flexible living space that can also accommodate storage and sleeping. It also features an integrated front canopy, spacious living area and compatibility with an optional two or four-berth inner tent. Expansive tinted windows create a welcoming and relaxing environment inside, while zip-in curtains offer privacy when required. Mesh fly screen panels in the side door help optimise the through-flow of air and help keep insects at bay.

Key information

  • Attaching Height: 255 – 305cm
  • Pack Size: 82 x 55 x 48cm
  • Pitching Time: 10 – 20 Minutes

These are just some of the amazing motorhome awnings available at Winfields Outdoors. We have more stock across a range of awnings, including inflatable as well as those for campervans and caravans – just in time for your next adventure.


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