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The best things to do after a Sunday morning walk

The Sunday walk is a fine tradition: it can give you a sense of deep tranquillity while still making you feel more awake and invigorated than you have all week. It’s a way to recharge and relax in the open air. There’s just one problem: what do you do afterwards? Here at Winfields Outdoors, we’ve compiled a handy list of suggestions to suit all personality types and inclinations.

  1. Paint, write or do something else creative

Going for a walk can refresh the mind more effectively than almost anything else. The combined effects of exercise and of being close to nature have been proven to improve both mood and brain- function immeasurably. So why not take advantage of that? If you paint landscapes, or write poetry or do just about anything else creative, then you’ll find that right after your Sunday walk is when you’ll be at your most engaged and productive. Even if you don’t presently spend much time channelling your creative energies, your post-walk hours are a perfect time to start!

  1. Go swimming

If you’re lucky and live near a swimming pool (or if you’re very lucky and live by the sea), then a quick dip could be the perfect thing to follow your Sunday walk with. Just as walking wakes up the mind, it can have a similar effect on the body and may put you in the mood for other invigorating activities. Swimming perfectly complements the Sunday walk, as they’re both physical activities that can be conducted at your own pace and leave you feeling refreshed and happy. So why not do the two together and double the benefits to your well-being?

  1. Treat yourself to tea or coffee in a café

Picture the scene: you set out early for your walk and it’s not long past dawn now. You feel renewed from your jaunt in the bracing, morning air. You sit in a small, fanciful café with golden light pouring in from the not-long-risen sun, a steaming cup of coffee (that you didn’t have to make) warming your hands. It’s a treat you’ve earned, and as you drink it you can watch the rest of the world wake up around you. Truly, you’ve found perfection.

  1. Curl up by the fire and read

Perhaps, after going for a long and relaxing walk, all you want is a moment of perfect rest and repose. What better way to achieve that than by slipping into a comfortable pair of pyjamas, putting the fire on and grabbing your favourite book? Your mind is awake and ready to engage with the story and your body gets a breather after the epic hike you just put it through!

Whether you’re a creative or or active person, whether you prefer to relax in a public place or in the privacy of your own home with a book, there’s one thing we all have in common: we all love our Sunday walks and know that the hours afterwards can be the best of the whole week.

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