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10 Camping Products You Didn’t Realise You Needed

Campfire with pots hanging over it

So you’ve got this camping lark down to a T. You’ve found the perfect tent, know how to put it up in a flash, and can even put it away back in the bag without falling out with someone. There’s nothing you can’t do or don’t know! Or is there?

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You might be a little taken aback at the amount of camping products and accessories available to you (or you might not if you’ve popped into a camping store recently). There’s a ridiculous amount you can buy, and we’ve gathered 10 of the very best camping accessories that you didn’t even realise you needed, updated for 2018 so you know you’re getting the latest and best camping gear…

Outwell Collaps Range

Of all the bulky items in your camping arsenal, pots and pans are among the bulkiest, taking up a fair bit of room in your tent and your car. That’s where the Outwell Collaps range can help. As the name suggests, all the products collapse down when you’re not using them, so you can store them away easily when you’re away and also at home. You can choose from various sizes of bowl, washing up bowls and even a kettle. An absolute must-have for those who find they struggle for space.

Outwell collaps range

Take a look at the full range of Outwell Collaps products.

Kampa Easy-Over Non Stick Griddle

You can’t beat a good fry-up, especially when you’re camping, and this Kampa Easy-Over Non-Stick Griddle is perfect for cooking up a storm in the mornings (or any other time of the day). It’s suitable for use with most double burner gas camping stoves, and features a durable non-stick coating that’s super easy to clean.

Kampa easy over non stick griddle

Vango Storage Organiser

A tidy tent is a happy tent, and thanks to this brilliant Vango storage organiser, you can keep all your bits and bobs together. It’s ideal for everyone to store their shoes away, especially if they’re muddy, but you can store pretty much anything really – clothes, toys, cooking equipment, or whatever else you have cluttering up your tent!

Vango storage organiser

Vango Inflatable Single Sofa Bed

Need a bit of extra sleeping space in your tent? Take a look at the fantastic Vango inflatable single sofa bed. A comfy camping chair during the day, it quickly folds out at night to provide a great night’s sleep. And as it’s from the brilliant minds at Vango, it’s super strong and reliable as well.

Vango inflatable single sofa bed

Highlander 4 Slice Toaster

This intriguing looking piece of kit lets you make up to four pieces of toast at once on a gas camping stove – so don’t fret if you can’t live without your toast in the morning. Ideal if you have no mains connection for a toaster, it also packs flat so is easy to store.

Highlander 4 slice camping toaster

Find out more about the Highlander 4 Slice Toaster

Summit Wine Bottle & Glass Holders

If you enjoy a glass of wine when you’re away camping (and we know that you do), then you’ll no doubt know the pain of spilled glasses when you try and put them on the floor. Well your prayers have been answered with the Summit wine bottle and glass holder! You simply take it into the ground and it’ll keep your bottle and glasses nice and steady, so no more crying over spilled wine, as they saying goes.

Summit wine bottle and glass camping holder

Vango Voltaic Roll Away Mains Lead

You may want to go camping to get away from a life run by electricity, and while that’s absolutely possible, sometimes you still need access to ‘The Grid’. After all, how on earth are your children going to charge their phones?! The Vango Voltaic Roll Away mains lead provides 15 meters of cable that you can roll up when not needed. It provides three plug sockets and two USB ports.

Vango voltaic roll away mains lead

Kampa Lofa Camping Chair

Like to cuddle up with a loved one? Or just like a bit of extra room all to yourself? Either way, these fantastic Kampa Lofa camping chairs will do the business. Available in three colours, they pack down small so are easy to transport and feature cup holders in both arms. You can also see our full range of camping chairs.

Kampa camping chair

Tent Carpet

Tent carpets and rugs fit nicely over the top of your ground sheet and make the inside of your tent much more homely. They also reduce noise and add an extra layer of insulation, so the inside stays warmer, and they also help protect your groundsheet from rips and tears.

Tent carpet

Here are 5 reasons why you need a tent carpet – and then check out our full range of tent carpets and rugs.

Replacement Tent Poles

Never go camping without a set of replacement tent poles. Ideally you should check your tent before you camp in case you need to replace any breakages, but if any poles get broken while you’re away, you need to be able to replace them or you could be curtailing your holiday. These Vango replacement tent poles are available in various sizes and are not just for use in Vango tents; they’re a universal kit.

Vango replacement tent poles

Do you have any camping accessories that you absolutely can’t live without?

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