The Essential Camping Products You Didn't Realise You Needed

So you’ve got this camping stuff down to a T. You’ve found the perfect tent, know how to put it up in a flash, and can even put it away without falling out with someone.

So you’ve got this camping stuff down to a T. You’ve found the perfect tent, know how to put it up in a flash, and can even put it away without falling out with someone.

There’s nothing you can’t do or don’t know. Or is there?

Just because you’ve got the core camping equipment for a trip, there are handy pieces of kit to make your time in the great outdoors easier and even more enjoyable. You might be a little taken aback at the number of products and camping accessories available to you to make your tent or awning feel more like home.

We’ve chosen 10 of the very best camping accessories that you didn’t even realise you needed. Read on to find out more … 

Cooking & utensils

Cooking & utensils

When it comes to cooking and storing food or dishes, convenience is key, which is why these camping kitchen products should be at the top of your shopping list.

Collapsible and folding utensils

As the name suggests, all the products collapse down when you’re not using them. This means that you can store them away easily when you’re away enjoying the outdoor adventures you have planned. You can choose from various washing-up bowls, storage boxes, bowls, and even a colander. An absolute must-have for those who struggle for space.

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Non-stick cooking pans

Non-stick pans will make cleaning much easier while remaining durable. Even better is that you can get these pans that work on gas stoves and electric cookers, promising incredible versatility. The ideal gear to grab are multi-cookers that can handle almost any meal from meat and fish to eggs or toasted sandwiches and reduce the need for additional pans.

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Outdoor portable pizza ovens 

Outdoor portable pizza ovens make cooking outdoors quick and easy! And, let’s face it – there’s no better way to end a day exploring the great outdoors than by tucking into a delicious hearty meal. 

Outdoor portable pizza ovens can be used to make the best pizzas you’ve ever tasted and cook a variety of mouthwatering appetisers. So, if you’ve been often left feeling unsatisfied with your meals on previous camping trips – having access to a portable outdoor pizza oven will certainly allow you to whip up a storm!

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Cool boxes

Have you ever struggled to keep your food fresh on a camping trip? Or, maybe you’re tired of lukewarm beverages? Well, a great quality portable cool box is what you’ve been missing! 

Nowadays, there are some incredible top-notch cool boxes that come with a variety of handy smart features. 

Take Totalcool as a perfect example – experts in the industry who offer Totalcool Portable Compressor Fridge Freezers (and much more) that boast energy-efficient cooling and/or freezing to an impressive -20ºC. 

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Camping bed necessities

Camping bed necessities

You may have your sleeping bag sorted and a mat, but why not take it up a notch and make your tent feel and look like your bedroom at home?

Deluxe double bed

Whether you’re glamping or on a family camping trip, you’ll want to have the best and most comfortable night’s sleep you can. Ideally, you want your bed from home brought with you. Logistics make that impossible, so an inflatable deluxe double bed is the next best thing. Multiple layers, smart inflation, and unrivalled comfort – these are the camp beds to have.

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Plump pillows

If you’re camping and you’re not looking to rough it, you can afford to be a bit more luxurious and look for extra comfort when it’s time for bed. For that, you’ll need a comfy pillow to rest your head after a day of adventure and exploring the land around you. A good night’s rest is key to enjoying your camping trip, and a pillow will help a great deal.

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Camping lounge luxury

Camping lounge luxury

You may have your sleeping bags or camp beds for comfort but to really have your tent feel like home, you need some camping furniture and camping chairs.

Inflatable camping seating

Want some true comfort in your tent? For a much more homely feel and appearance, inflatable camping furniture is just what you need. Just as luxurious and supportive as regular furnishings, these incredible seating accessories allow you to sit back and relax. The seats inflate from a single inflation point for maximum convenience.

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Footwear storage

A tidy tent is a happy tent, and thanks to a brilliant storage organiser, you can keep all your bits and bobs together. Ideal for everyone to store their shoes away, especially if you’ve been hiking, but you can store pretty much anything really – clothes, toys, cooking equipment, or whatever else you have cluttering up your tent.

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Camping comforts

Camping comforts

Camping is supposed to be about getting out into nature and spending the majority of your time away from the campsite, but what if you’re glamping or want some creature comforts?

Meal & drink sets

If you want to enjoy your food and drink when you’re away camping, then you’ll know the pain or impact of plastic, throwaway dishes, and of putting drinks on the floor. Well, can simply look at ceramic, rubber, or bamboo meal sets that can be used for picnics or at home. For drinks and added luxury, you can even find wine and glass holders.

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Tent carpets

Tent carpets and rugs fit nicely over the top of your groundsheet and make the inside of your tent much more homely. They can also reduce noise and add an extra layer of insulation, so the inside stays warmer if you’re camping in spring and autumn amid changeable weather. Tent carpets also help protect your groundsheet from rips and tears.

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Outdoor clothing 

Before venturing out on a camping trip, we can often become preoccupied with packing all of our outdoor equipment  – and forget about the protective clothing we need to ensure that we’re able to explore in comfort! 

If we were to recommend an essential piece of outdoor clothing, it would be a waterproof GORE-TEX jacket. You never know what kind of weather condition you may find yourself in, and making sure that you’re prepared for battling the elements is essential for staying comfortable, safe and protected!

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Outdoor footwear

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a mountain hiker or prefer to keep to steady trails – never underestimate the importance of the footwear you choose for a camping trip!

A great pair of hiking or walking boots will be robust, durable and made to withstand rigorous use in testing conditions. And, most importantly – they’ll make sure that you can focus on enjoying your outdoor wanders in comfort! 

This essential piece of gear will likely see you through all of your adventures whilst on a camping holiday, so you’ll need to make sure that they are made for the challenge. Invest in a great pair of quality walking shoes and they’ll last for years to come.

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Camping electrics & spares

Camping electrics & spares

If you’re a seasoned camper, you’ll know that things can go wrong or kit can break, so it’s worthwhile investing in spares and backups.

Camping power supplies

While many go camping to escape modern trapping and electricity, it is, sometimes, a necessity – especially if you are in a large tent with family. You may still need access to the grid for cooking, lighting, or charging equipment. So, a power cable that you can roll up when not needed can provide the charging you need for all appliances and kits.

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Tent spares

You should never go camping without some spare kit – you never know what may happen. Spare equipment can cover everything – repairs, cutlery, power, and even a spare bedroom if you have a friend, family member, or one of your children’s pals coming along. You would never have to use this equipment but it’s always best to be prepared.

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