Exclusive Interview: Jeff Jan, Owner of Solo Stove

Solo Stove is a US based company that have developed the innovative camping stove, Solo Stove. With a passion for camping and the great outdoors, Solo Stove have created an easy to use, durable and lightweight camping stove that will have you cooking up a warm treat in no time.

We were lucky enough to chat with the Owner of Solo Stove, Jeff Jan, who currently has a Kickstarter campaign to bring the new Solo Stove Campfire to the market. Here is what he said:

What was the inspiration behind Solo Stove Campfire?

The inspiration behind the Solo Stove Campfire was the demand from our customers and just the functionality of a larger stove.  Our customers love the original Solo Stove because it's so light weight and compact, but there are a lot of customers that wanted a larger Solo Stove.  We eventually created the Solo Stove Titan to try to meet that demand.  Even after the Solo Stove Titan came out we still had customers asking for a larger stove, so that is why we created the Campfire.  It truly is a stove for a family or group of friends.  I think people will be blown away at how much food they can actually cook on it!

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What made you opt for a kickstarter project?

As our company grows it becomes more of a challenge to produce new products at larger volumes to meet the demand.  Kickstarter is a great way to help overcome some of those initial challenges with launching a new product.

What are the unique features of the Solo Stove Campfire?

The main unique feature of the Solo Stove Campfire (and the original Solo Stove and Solo Stove Titan) is that because of its design it burns extremely efficient.  It uses a double wall design to help airflow and create a secondary burn at the top vents of the stove.  This means you will use less fuel and it will burn with less smoke.  We also use a one piece construction process, which makes the Campfire very durable.

"Our fans asked... we made it. A super efficient camp stove that can cook a meal for your family and friends with a handful of sticks."

Why do you think people should donate the Solo Stove Campfire Kickstarter?

People should donate to the Solo Stove Campfire Kickstarter because it will allow us to make the Campfire available much faster.  It's a great way for people to voice their opinion on products.  If you like a product, you can back it.  We also have awesome rewards only for Kickstarter backers.

What has been a highlight in the company so far?

A highlight has been the huge positive response from our customers.  We have so many customers that love using the Solo Stoves and so many of them go out of their way to thank us or tell us how great our stoves are.  We really appreciate that!

What has been the biggest challenge of creating the solo stove Campfire?

The biggest challenge of creating the Solo Stove Campfire has been ensuring high quality.  We want our customers to have their Solo Stoves for a long time.  When you're cooking at such high temperatures and dealing with gear getting beat up, you really need to make a solid stove.

What is the best camping tip/hack you have ever been given?

Making waterproof fire starters with cotton pads soaked in wax.

What item (additional to the solo stove) will you not explore without?

A multi-tool.

Where is your favourite place to go camping/exploring?

Algonquin Provincial Park

"No need to bring fuel with you.  Use the fuel around you, like leaves, twigs and sticks."

Lastly, can you describe the Solo Stove Campfire in one sentence?

The Solo Stove Campfire is a super efficient camp stove that can cook a meal for your family and friends with a handful of sticks.

Here is the Solo Stove Campfire in action: 

If you are intrigued and want to support this great Kickstarter, you can check out the Website and the Kickstarter campaign.

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