How To Fix Broken Fibreglass Tent Poles

You might think that a broken tent pole spells disaster for your camping trip.

Admittedly, It isn’t the best news, but you don’t need to cancel that camping holiday just yet. And you definitely don’t have to shell out for a new tent.

All you need is some replacement tent poles and a little know-how – and your tent poles will be as good as new. Read on for our quick and easy guide on how to fix broken fibreglass tent poles…

What you’ll need

  • A set of replacement fibreglass tent poles. If you’re unsure, opt for universal tent poles. 
  • A small hacksaw.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Duct tape.

Fibreglass pole repair instructions

Your pole is made up of several loose ‘sections’ and an elasticated cord (sometimes referred to as a shock cord). The shock cord runs from one end to the other, through each section, and is simply knotted at either end.

Measure the section which is to be replaced (the new section is generally extra-long, so you may need to cure the new pole down to suit).

Cut the new section (if needed) to the length of the pole you will be replacing using a small hacksaw. A good tip here is to put duct tape just before where you will be sawing to hold the pole in place and prevent splinters. Then remove the duct tape and sand around the edges until smooth.

Next, lie your full pole section out on the floor and begin to untie (or cut) the knot at one of the ends – remembering to keep a hold of the shock cord.

Hold onto the shock cord and remove the sections one at a time (keeping them in order) until you reach the section that needs to be replaced.

Lastly, still holding onto the shock cord, re-thread the cord back through the sections you have temporarily removed it from and tie a large knot at the end – ensuring the cord is fairly taught.

You can always modify the shock cord length at any time by fishing out the knot in one of the end poles.


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