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Interview with Christoph Kuppert, inventor of the Bottlelight


The Bottlelight is a clever invention that helps to ‘lighten’ your load when camping, combining a UV water purifier with an LED camping light.

Here, we talk to its creator, Christoph Kuppert, to find out how he came up with such a simple yet functional idea.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I am an industrial designer living in Cologne, Germany. My background is the experience of my daily life. There are many sources of inspiration and I do not limit my self to a certain area of industrial design. I just like to solve problems and improve things.

Can you describe the Bottlelight water purifier in your own words?

The Bottlelight is a combination of a water purifier and a camping light in the form of a one-litre bottle. The UV light unit kills 99.9% of bacteria in only 60 seconds, while the LED unit and reflector provide a plain light. The clasp on top makes it easy to attach and the unscrewable bottom is easy to clean. Made out of pressure aluminium parts and shatterproof glass, it is designed to last.

What was it that inspired you to create the Bottlelight?

The situation that inspired me was during a night in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. It was already dark and we were looking for a nice ambient light. I just combined a bottle of water and a common LED bike light. This provisional solution got stuck in my head because it was so simple. Whilst planning a camping trip I became interested in the different ways of purifying water. There is a method of using UV light and this reminded me of the bike light I used in Amsterdam. And so I started this project.

What makes the Bottlelight different from other water purifiers on the market?

Other mobile water purifiers are add-on products. The technology itself makes the product very small but the functionality is limited. By combining three products, the Bottlelight saves room and weight at the same time. And these are the two main problems when you are packing your backpack.

The combination of a water purifier and camping light is a really interesting concept. What’s been the initial reaction from the camping community?

Most people ask me where they can buy it and that they love the idea. The project gets a lot of good feedback and I am very happy about this!

How long did it take to get from an initial idea to the first designs?

The whole design process took about three months. I designed it during my free time, so it is difficult to say the exact amount of time I spent.

What has been the biggest challenge in getting the Bottlelight to market?

The Bottlelight is a concept I designed. Since I am an industrial designer it is close to a real product, but bringing it to market needs people with other skills in the field of product manufacturing.

What’s next for the Bottlelight? Can we expect to see it on the shelves anytime soon?

I would love to bring it to market, but for now it is just a concept. So if you read this and you would like to help make the Bottlelight a reality, I would love to hear from you!

The Bottlelight would be a really handy, space-saving camping gadget. What gadget couldn’t you live without when camping?

The Leatherman is my daily carry, not only when I go camping. As a multi-function tool in this size it is the best gadget I can think of. And it is perfect for building or repairing other things!

Do you have any other inventions up your sleeve for the future?

Right now I am working on an old personal project. It is a desktop hub made out of wood. There are still some things that can improve the functionality and the manufacturing process, so a new revision is in the making.

Coming up with new inventions is part of my job, so you can always find new projects on my homepage www.christophkuppert.com

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