How to prepare for a winter walk in the snow

walking in the snow

After the excesses of Christmas dinner and the various treats that accompany the festive period, many families choose to spend an hour or two on Christmas Day or Boxing Day to enjoy a long walk to brush off the cobwebs and burn off some of those excess calories.

Family winter walks can also be a great bonding exercise, bringing the family together and offering some quality time together.

While winter walks in the snow can be enjoyable, it is important that you prepare fully for your outing - in terms of the clothing you wear, what you bring with you and where you decide to go.

Dress Appropriately

Firstly, ensure that you dress appropriately for the conditions. Bear in mind that most of your body heat is lost through your extremities, so choose sturdy and warm walking shoes or boots with thick socks, along with thick insulated walking gloves and a warm walking hat. It is also important to wrap up well and wear layers of clothing, so that you stay as warm as possible and can simply remove layers when you find yourself too warm.

The final layer should be a wind proof and waterproof jacket to avoid the risk of snow or rain seeping through your clothing - which can not only be uncomfortable, but can lead to illness too. It is especially important for children to be wrapped up warmly - there's no doubt that they'll want to play in the snow!

Consider investing in a multi-functional outer layer such as the Regatta Luca 3-in-1 Kids Jacket to keep them warm and dry.

Plan Your Route

When planning family winter walks, it is also important to choose your route carefully. Choose a route that won't leave you too exposed to the elements - especially if walking with very young children - and bear in mind that snow and ice can lead to slippery paths and plenty of mud.

Choose a route on which you feel safe, and factor in additional time for the weather conditions. You should also be sure to start relatively early, as you won't want to still be walking when the sun starts to set at around 4pm.

Finally, be sure to pack provisions. Take snacks for the journey for both adults and children alike, and consider taking flasks with hot drinks to keep the family warm en route. Follow these tips, and your festive family winter walk will be a true delight for all the family.

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