Top tips for camping in your back garden

Bored of being stuck inside during the lockdown and longing for a night camping under the stars? Why not set up camp in your own back garden to practise for the real thing?

There is so much fun to be had in your own back garden, whether it’s a family night out with the kids or just pitching your tent to check no repairs are needed before you travel further afield from July.

So, if there’s a dry night forecast and you have the space, then we would definitely recommend pitching up outside your own house for a couple of nights. It may not be your chosen destination this summer, but with so much uncertainty going on in the wider world it’s all about making the best of our current conditions.

We’re not pretending back garden camping is as thrilling as the real outdoors experience, but with a bit of planning, you can make it an enjoyable activity for the whole family.

Here are some top tips to make sure you enjoy camping in the back garden...

Make it warm:

Even if you have a good size tent and even if the overnight forecast doesn’t have you rushing for extra layers, make sure to insulate your tent as well as you possibly can. If you have a cold groundsheet and it’s a cold night, then it makes sense that you’re going to get cold and probably have trouble sleeping.

Throw in some extra blankets and place some rugs on the floor to give yourself additional warmth. Then you won’t need to make a middle of the night trip back indoors to search for extra layers.

Of course, if you are a seasoned camper then you’re sure to have sleeping bags to help keep you comfortable. Make use of them.

Get the kids involved

Camping in your own garden is a great opportunity to get the kids involved. There’s no pressure to get your tent up quickly so you can quickly start to enjoy your holiday. Instead, it’s an opportunity to invite the whole family to take part – and take your time enjoying this possibly unique experience.

If the kids are sleeping in their own small tent then get them to put their own up. It’s never any harm to teach them good camping habits from an early age and encourage them to fall in love with the outdoors at an early age.

Cook a meal outside

If you’ve taken the family decision to camp in your back garden then make sure you stick to your own rules and don’t be nipping back into the house every few minutes (unless for emergencies, of course).

This includes for meals – if you’re camping then live the full experience without ‘cheating’. If you’re fortunate enough to have a barbecue in your back garden – and if the weather is favourable – then this is a great opportunity to use it.

Who doesn’t love burgers, hot dogs or sausages sat outside a tent in your own back garden? If the sun is shining then just relax and close your eyes – you could be anywhere in the world!

Just don't forget the marshmallows to toast afterwards! Or the midnight snacks for the kids - this is supposed to be a fun experience, remember...

Plan the games

Whether it's board games or activities which require a bit more planning, this is an ideal opportunity to enjoy valuable family time - and what better way to bring everyone together than by organising some fun games? The current lockdown is anything but fun for the vast majority, but that's not to say you can't still make memories for your children to cherish.

The games you can plan for depend on the space you have available, ranging from hide and seek if you have a large outside space to a simple game of charades if you're more restricted. Obviously, if you are playing games in the evening then remember to keep the noise down. You don't want neighbours knocking at your door! For that reason, it's probably also best to keep any music for daytime hours, and even then not at disco decibels!

Use your tent as school or office

In these strange times, you can also think about using your tent as a work space or a chill-out area.

If you are home schooling the kids then why not use your camping table and chairs as makeshift equipment for ‘lessons’ to be carried out.

Or you could think about bringing games outside to keep the little ones entertained. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for arts and crafts to us!

Have fun

This is the most important piece of advice. We are living in unique times and have to make the best of what options are out there for us.

Travelling far and wide across the great UK for a next camping adventure is coming back soon in July, but that doesn't mean we can't taste a little bit of the camping experience - and make it as fun as possible in our own back garden.

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