Why Should I Go Glamping?

If you like the idea of being amongst nature without all of the bare necessities but more of a homely, luxury feel, you’re in luck.

Glamping is what you’ve been waiting for. This form of camping is becoming ever more popular as more of us discover the joys of the outdoors. It can be an excellent half-way house for those adventurers who are interested in camping but want to ease their way in.

So, why should you give glamping a go? Well, we’re here to explain why it’s so popular and what you’ll love about it. From amazing locations to luxury touches, glamping offers something for everyone - even for events, like weddings.

But don’t take our word for it, read on to find out why you should go glamping this year…

What is Glamping?

Combine ‘glamour’ with camping and you’re basically there. Glamping combines the creature comforts of a hotel with the simplicity of camping.

Basically, it takes the fuss and frustration out of camping while retaining all of its magic. Sleeping under the stars, getting cosy alongside nature and enjoying a campfire in amazing locations. No more wrestling tent poles, studying up on the lingo, sleeping on bumpy ground or being in an uncomfortable tent.

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Whether you’re seen as a city slicker or “too posh to pitch”, glamping gets us back to natural environments and offers a welcome break from fast-paced lives and technology. Tentative campers can forget about sleep deprivation on roll mats or trying to brew a cup of tea in a storm. It’s luxury alongside the escapism and adventure of camping.

So, here are the reasons you should go glamping...


This is the big one. The main reason is to ‘glamp’. You’re “roughing it” without the “rough” part.

Forget all about a tent that you possibly have to contort your body to fit into and be cramped inside with barely any room to sleep or get changed. Instead, step into a tall canvas tent or a mini cabin with room to spread out. Camping is great, but sleeping on the ground, zipping in and out of tents, no proper bathrooms? They’re a complete no-go for some.

Glamping means real beds to get a great night’s sleep combined with the fresh air of the outdoors. Glamping tents, huts, treehouses, cabins, they’re all vastly more spacious than tents. This allows you and your companions to spread out. You’ll be treated with hotel-like hospitality and the creature comforts that help you to relax and feel at home on holiday.

All of this with some wood-burning stoves, comfy seats, furniture, character and the outdoors. It’s like dropping a five-star hotel room into nature.


Not everyone likes the idea of rough cooking or your bathroom being a hole in the ground and the next rain shower.

Forget baked beans and boil-in-the-bag rice, glamping brings with it a fully-equipped camp kitchen. From a stove to a full-size kitchen, cooking while you’re glamping becomes a pleasure, not a chore. This allows you to be more adventurous or give yourself more of a treat than usual camping would allow.

Communal toilets and shower blocks have put some people off camping for life. The thought of not even having those available makes camping no-go for many. While rustic amenities are part of the beauty of living hand-in-hand with nature, glamping has stepped up and brought the likes of power showers and en suite bathrooms to the camping experience.

It’s the luxury and ease of glamping that sets it worlds apart from classic camping. It doesn’t mean that you’re “too posh to pitch” if you enjoy some creature comforts, you just want to feel utterly relaxed.

You Don’t Have to be an Expert

You could be mistaken for thinking that camping is as simple as buying a tent and heading out in the great outdoors. It’s not like that.

While camping itself is low-cost, the gear needed to rough it for a few days can add up quickly. That’s before you need to be educated on everything you actually need. You need to know how to put up your tent, the right tent, have remembered a gas stove and canister, and your roll mat to make it a little bit more comfortable. All a bit much?

When you glamp, you don’t have to worry about any of this. Scout skills are not necessary here. You simply show up, sit back, and enjoy the simplicity of being outdoors. You don’t have to buy additional equipment or learn the lingo of camping, from tent specs to awnings. All of the hard work is done for you, allowing you to get on with your holiday.

Camping needn’t be confusing, you want to enjoy yourself rather than be frustrated before you even arrive at the site. That’s what glamping affords you.


If you’ve ever looked at the idea of glamping before, you’ll know that they’re always based in some of the most incredible destinations.

From beaches and deserts to mountain landscapes and wooded retreats, glamping is the ideal way to get back to nature and appreciate its beauty. They come with a sense of exclusivity and seclusion without the cost. As soon as you step out of your comfy “room”, you’re immersed in nature. It doesn’t get much better than that - adventure meets luxury.

That’s all before we get to the accommodation. Glamping accommodations aren’t just restricted to oversized tents these days, as nice as they are. You can glamp in anything from treehouses to yurts. Cabins, huts, geodomes and wigwams are always popular. You can go all out and stay in a tree fort or even a heated igloo. There’s something for everyone.

While there are plenty of nice campsites, glampsites take it up a notch. Incredible locations, facilities and accommodation to make you forget about the idea of pitching a tent.


Glamping will immerse you in nature and help you protect it. You’ll have a heightened appreciation for ecology.

Most luxury hotels and resorts destroy the land around them during construction and have to bring it all back again once it’s complete. Tents, huts, cabins and yurts require next to nothing to be assembled and leave a very small footprint. The wild stays wild. You can feel good that you’re not destroying the natural vegetation and enjoy ecotourism.

Glamping itself is a low impact green activity. As we’ve mentioned, glamping can happen anywhere from tents cabins and nearly all of the options involve minimal construction and upcycled or reused living arrangements. Some don’t even require heating and electricity. Many glamping setups run on solar or wind power, reducing environmental impact.

Ecotourism is increasing in demand, which means glamping is set to see its popularity skyrocket even more.

Less Stress

We touched on this already, but when you think of camping, you imagine fussing over a tent and your sleeping arrangements.

One of the most time-consuming tasks you have to do on a camping holiday is setting up your sleeping tent for the week. The tent itself can be one of the most infuriating tasks - both erecting and packing it away. With glamping, there is no setup and no packing away. Easy.

Even more, if you arrive in the evening or night time, there is no fumbling around to set up a tent in the dark. Glamping means you can simply turn up and leave at your own pace – no stress. You’re on holiday to relax, and glamping gives that in spades.

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