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Winfields’ Weekend Camping Checklist

Tent and camping gear by a river

You wake up to beautiful weather weekend, so there’s only one thing to do – pack up the car for a weekend camping trip!

Whether you want to get up and out at short notice, or have had it in your diary for weeks, you don’t want to waste too much time packing!

Keep your weekend camping essentials streamlined with our checklist of the most important items to have ready.

Our weekend camping checklist includes:

  • Weekend camping tent
  • Camping stove
  • Camping furniture
  • Sleeping bags
  • Self inflating mat
  • Camping Storage

Read on to see our recommendations of the best camping gear for your weekend getaway…

What Should I Pack for a Weekend Camping Trip?

1. A Weekend Camping Tent

It goes without saying that you will need a tent on your weekend camping checklist! Your weekend tent should ideally be simple to pitch, not too heavy for carrying and small enough to easily fit in the car.

Thanks to the wonderful invention of inflatable tents, you can now find larger tents that can be pitched in minutes – and don’t have a bag of poles to be fitted into the boot, either! If you need a little extra space, or are bringing along some extra friends, a tent extension is also a handy addition.

Remember to keep your mallet & pegs and groundsheet safe with your tent so you don’t forget them, too!

Recommended: Vango AirBeam Lomond 500 Air Tent and its compatible extension – Vango Keswick Side Awning.

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2. A Camping Stove

You can’t have a weekend camping trip without whipping up a hearty breakfast on a Sunday morning! Whether it’s for beans on toast, egg and bacon or just a fresh cup of tea, make sure you take some camping cooking equipment on your trip!

The camping stove on your checklist should ideally run off a disposable gas canister. These are usually compact and lightweight but offer all the power you need to keep hunger at bay. If you can, throw in a cool box stocked with some drinks too.

It’s also a good idea to take a camping kettle for boiling water, plus a bag of cookware and tableware – pans, plates, cups, knives and forks are your essentials. You can find some great recipes for the outdoors here.

Recommended: Summit Portable Gas Stove

3. Camping Furniture

While you don’t want to overload your car, you also don’t want to spend your whole weekend camping trip sitting on the floor, either! Be selective with your camping furniture, but make sure everyone has somewhere comfortable to take a load off.

A camping table and a good few camping chairs should be part of your essentials. Just make sure that they fold down compact enough to be able to transport. Some rugs, blankets and a couple of cushions also go far in keeping cosy.

Recommended: Vango Orchard Table and Chair Set

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4. Sleeping Bags and Mats

Sleeping bags are obvious camping essentials. For weekend camping trips, you need a versatile sleeping bag that will keep you warm without being too bulky.

Take a look at our sleeping bag buying guide to find out which is best for you.

Similarly, while you don’t want to spoil your night’s sleep by lying on cold and hard ground, you mightn’t have the car space for a camp bed. Instead, add some sleeping mats to your camping checklist. They roll down to a conveniently compact size and self-inflate to a comfy mattress. Don’t forget to throw is a pillow or hot water bottle, too!

Recommended: Vango Keswick 375 Sleeping Bag and Vango Comfort 7.5 Double Self Inflating Mat or Vango Comfort 7.5 Single Self Inflating Mat

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5. Camping Storage

Camping storage might not sound like an essential for your checklist, but a tidy tent can make your weekend trip much more enjoyable!

Choose yourself an organiser with separate shelves or cubby holes to keep everyone’s clothes and personal items safe and easy to find. You might also want to take a fold-away storage box for keeping food or kids’ toys in – don’t forget to take a camping light to be able to find what you need when it gets dark.

Recommended: Vango Storage Organiser or Outwell Palmar Storage Box.

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Take a look at all of our camping gear for more to add to your weekend camping checklist!

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Winfields’ Weekend Camping Checklist

  1. Asen says:

    This is very useful list of items to carry while deciding to camp.

    When I do, I always bring a thermo blanket as well. It’s so warm and cozy!

    It’s a good idea to bring a camping storage too even thoug I’ve never done it. That’s becasue usually I camp for no more than 2-4 days in the company of 2-3 people.

    Thumbs up for the useful info! 🙂

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