Crocs Footwear

Leading the way in comfortable, versatile footwear, Crocs shoes are a standout in the industry. And, if you’ve been itching to get your hands on a pair, you’re in luck. Here at Winfields, we have a great collection of men’s and women’s Crocs for you to choose from.

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Find Crocs at Winfields Outdoors

Founded in 2002, Crocs have taken the world (and the fashion industry) by storm with their distinctly unique footwear design. Touted as the epitome of comfort, Crocs shoes are beloved by millions. And now, you can get your new pair at Winfields Outdoors!

Whether you want a comfy pair of Crocs shoes to mooch about on a campsite, or as an extra layer between you and the hot sand on your summer beach camping adventure, you’ve come to the right place.

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Adult Crocs

Choosing your next pair of comfortable Crocs is easy when you shop at Winfields Outdoors. Want a colourful pair of women’s Crocs? Pick from Lavender, Juice (bright pink), or Quartz to find an option that suits your style. Or, our Unisex Classic Black Crocs are the perfect accessory to go with any outfit.

But what makes Crocs so sought after? Well, for starters, the Croslite™ footbed moulds to your foot, creating a custom fit that provides plenty of arch support for long-term wear – and the heel strap gives you that extra security, helping to keep your Crocs on your feet if you need to move quickly. 

The durable construction improves the longevity and strength of your Crocs, ensuring you can wear them for years to come. Meanwhile, the holed design maximises airflow to keep your feet cool. This design also means your Crocs have the potential to be an excellent water shoe. The lightweight frame protects your feet whilst allowing water to exit rather than bogging down your shoes whilst you walk.

Lastly, with a low carbon footprint, and all vegan construction, your new pair of Crocs are light on the environment – perfect for the eco-conscious shopper.

Crocs go camping with Winfields Outdoors

Want to put your new Crocs through their paces? Pick up a new tent and some extra camping supplies online today and take your Crocs on holiday with you to see how amazing they can be.