Eddie Bauer Rucksacks & Backpacks

Trusted by some of the world’s most ambitious outdoors people, mountaineers and adventurers, Eddie Bauer backpacks and rucksacks have been used in the ascent and exploration of some of the planet’s biggest mountains and terrains.

From highly technical backpacks that are designed for adventure through to more fashion-oriented backpacks such as the popular Eddie Bauer Bygone backpack, you’re bound to find an Eddie Bauer backpack that’s perfect for your needs here at Winfields Outdoors.

Our range of Eddie Bauer rucksacks and backpacks includes smaller more compact models of between 10 to 25 litres capacity, through to much larger bags in the 60 to 200 litres capacity range which are perfect for longer trips away.

Eddie Bauer has certainly diversified its range of bags in recent years, leading to interesting new entrants into their range such as tote bags, duffel bags, string packs and roll-top backpacks.

Whether you want an Eddie Bauer backpack for casual trips around town, or you’re looking for an Eddie Bauer rucksack for voyages into the wilderness, you’ll find what you’re searching for here at Winfields Outdoors: the home of Eddie Bauer UK.