Kampa Dometic

If you want a complete camping equipment provider, Kampa is one of the best around. Founded in 2006, this family-run business has an eye for quality materials and design. In little more than 10 years, Kampa camping equipment is among the best in Europe.

At Winfield’s Outdoors, you can find a range of Kampa equipment, including camp beds, tents and furniture. The sheer breadth of Kampa accessories will allow you to consider everything and stock-up for your next trip into the great outdoors.

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  1. Kampa Dometic Together Double Camp Bed
    Kampa Together Double Camp Bed
    £59.99 RRP £95.00 Save £35.01
  2. Kampa Amber Cupboard
    Kampa Amber Cupboard
    £59.99 RRP £70.00 Save £10.01
  3. Kampa 2m Gas Hose Pack
    Kampa 2m Gas Hose Pack
    £4.99 RRP £5.75 Save £0.76
  4. Kampa Tilly Cupboard
    Kampa Tilly Cupboard
    £49.99 RRP £60.00 Save £10.01
  5. Kampa Dometic Thor Club Hammer (1Kg)
    Kampa Thor Club Hammer (1Kg)
    £6.99 RRP £8.75 Save £1.76
  6. Kampa Dometic Swiss Hammer
    Kampa Swiss Hammer
    £11.99 RRP £15.00 Save £3.01
  7. Kampa Dometic Timmy II Rubber Mallet
    Kampa Timmy II Rubber Mallet
    £4.99 RRP £5.38 Save £0.39
  8. Kampa Dometic Stacker Cook Set
    Kampa Stacker Cook Set
    £39.99 RRP £46.25 Save £6.26
  9. Kampa Dometic Groove Collapsible Pendant Light - Blue
    Kampa Groove Collapsible Pendant Light
    As low as £24.99 RRP £31.25 Save £6.26
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Items 1-12 of 173

of 15
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