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Walking & Hiking Boots Buying Guide

Walking boots on a rock

For hikers, a good pair of walking boots is perhaps the most important piece of equipment. Without the right boots, any hike is going to quickly become a miserable ...
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Walking & Trekking Poles Buying Guide

Woman nordic walking using walking poles

When out walking or hiking, it’s not uncommon to come across plenty of people using walking poles. But why do people use them? Is it just to complete the ...
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The Layering System – How To Layer Clothing


Most people have some kind of idea of what layering clothing is about – if it’s cold, you put more layers on to keep warm; if it’s warm, you ...
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Waterproof Jacket Buying Guide


Last updated: November 1st 2016

If you intend on being out on the hills and mountains in all weathers, then you need to invest in the kind of clothing that’s ...
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