Mallets & Pegs

Every camper in the world will recognise the problem of not having enough tent pegs, having bent pegs, or not having a mallet to knock them in with.

Not having enough camping pegs means that your guylines, or part of your tent, won’t be secure, especially in high winds. While having no camping mallet means that you’re going to have a tough (and potentially painful) time getting the tent pegs into the ground, especially if the ground is hard.

Here at Winfields Outdoors, we have a wide selection of tent pegs, rock pegs and mallets to make your life easier when pitching your tent. We stock straight tent pegs, both metal and plastic, that are much less likely to bend, as well as pegs that are specifically designed to go into hard ground. All our tent pegs and camping mallets come from top names like Blue Diamond, Kampa, and Outwell. Shop online today for fantastic low prices!

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