Campervan Awnings

Are you looking for an awning that’ll attach seamlessly to your campervan, expanding your living quarters into a spacious yet sheltered outdoor area? Look no further. Browse our extensive selection of campervan awnings below.

At Winfields Outdoors, we offer various types of campervan awnings to choose from so that we can ensure that we have the best option in stock for all types of campers, such as drive away awnings, inflatable drive-away awnings and many more.

Not only that, but we also stock camper awnings made by the best brands in the industry - including the likes of Vango, Kampa, Sunncamp and many more.

Boasting top features to make your additional space as practical and enjoyable as possible, our selection includes a range of shapes and sizes to fit a wide range of campervans.

Shop campervan awnings at unbelievable prices today, with free delivery options now available. For more, take a look at our full awnings range or see our awning accessories.

What are campervan awnings?

Have you ever felt as though you would have benefited from a little more wiggle room when venturing on an outdoor holiday in your campervan? Well, an awning will do a superb job of creating a more roomy living environment.

So, think of a campervan awning as a spacious addition to your campervan, providing a more comfortable living space throughout your outdoor holiday.

You’ll be able to use this extension however you like. For example, a campervan awning makes for a great lounge and dining area, a sheltered outdoor area (some can open up) or even as an additional sleeping area. So, in other words - you’ll be able to use a campervan awning for a variety of purposes!

When does a campervan awning come in handy?

A campervan awning will come to great use in a variety of circumstances and occasions. However, the most common reason why our customers purchase a campervan awning is that they feel as though they would benefit from having access to more sheltered space.

This is because when you purchase a campervan awning, you’ll have a protected and sheltered outdoor space without having to stay inside your campervan.

Another occasion where a campervan awning would come in handy is if you like to go on outdoor adventures with groups of friends and family, as many will use this extra space as a secure sleeping area.
What types of campervan awnings are there?

There are a variety of different awning types that are compatible with campervans, such as; Drive away awnings, Inflatable drive away awnings, VW campervan awnings and Vehicle shelters. Depending on what you’re looking for, we encourage you to check out what each option can bring to your next campervan holiday, as each type will come with its own unique benefits.

Which campervan awning brands do Winfields Outdoors stock?

Here at Winfield’s, we’re dedicated to providing the best when it comes to outdoor equipment.

We stock all of the most trusted and globally recognised brands to ensure that we can provide the best selection of campervan awnings to suit what all of our customers are looking for.

Our campervan awning brands include; Outdoor Revolution, Vango, Dometic, Kampa, Coleman, Quest and Sunncamp.

Are campervan awning accessories available at Winfields Outdoors?

Yes, we offer an extensive range of campervan awning accessories here at Winfields Outdoors, designed to provide your additional outdoor space with hassle-free comfort.

From awning rugs and carpets to lighting, roof liners and portable evaporative air coolers - our awning accessories range has everything you need to ensure that you have the best outdoor holiday experience.

To browse our full range of awning accessories, click here.

How much does a campervan awning cost?

As awnings can vary significantly in terms of, size, design and additional features, the price range can vary depending on which model you go for. However, we’ve been sure to offer a superb range of campervan awning options to suit all types of budgets.