Awning Accessories

Are you going camping and have an awning on your tent or campervan? If so, check out our fantastic range of awning accessories below to help make your camping trip that little bit better and more organised. We have various accessories to suit just about every size and shape awning, so whether you’re after a few little extras or some spare parts, you’re sure to find them here. 

Our wide selection of awning accessories includes awning groundsheets, bedroom inners, roof linings, storage solutions, and various types of awning lights, so you can turn your awning into a perfectly habitable section of your tent or caravan. Discover the best awning accessories from brands for all budgets here.

Awning accessories for camping
When it comes to camping, there are several awning accessories that can enhance your outdoor experience, and we’ve got them all! Let’s explore just some of the key awning accessories you’ll need before your next camping adventure: 

Awning annexes
Awning annexes are a great way of creating additional sleeping space. They often have separate compartments or inner tents where campers can sleep comfortably. They also provide a sheltered and enclosed space where campers can relax, dine, or socialise. 

Awning lighting
Installing awning lights can create a cosy ambience at your campsite, especially during the evenings. LED strip lights or hanging lanterns are popular choices, providing both practical illumination and a warm setting to enjoy with friends. 

Awning drive away fixing kits
Awning groundsheets help to preserve cleanliness and hygiene within your awning. They also help to prevent wear, tear, and damage from sharp objects or rough surfaces. This can extend the lifespan of your awning and keep it in better condition over time.

Awning carpets and rugs
Lots of awning carpets and rugs are designed with non-slip materials, providing a safer surface for walking. They are also super lightweight and portable, allowing you to move them easily to different areas of your outdoor space. 

Discover more at Winfields
We offer more awning accessories you don’t want to miss out on before your next adventure. See our awning roof liners and awning spares and repairs.

Shop online today at Winfields Outdoors for great deals on all awning and canopy accessories and products, and with free delivery available when you spend over £80, you can save even more. 

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