5-6 Person Tents

For families or larger camping groups, it’s vital that everyone has enough space in which to sleep, store their kit and just generally relax. Here at Winfields, our 5 and 6 man tents are spacious, providing plenty of room for everyone in your group.

Shop our full range of 5-6 person tents today and find the perfect tent for your next camping trip. Plus, don’t forget to take advantage of our free delivery on all orders over £80!

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5 & 6 Person Tents at Winfields Outdoors

At Winfields, we have a fantastic range of 5 person and 6 person tents from some of the biggest manufacturers around, including Vango, Outdoor Revolution and Kampa. We stock traditional poled tents, as well as inflatable tents like the Vango AirBeam series. There really is something for everyone, whether you’re camping with the kids or away with friends.

5 man tents

Looking for a spacious home from home? Then a 5 person tent is a fantastic investment that can last you for years (with proper care). Here at Winfields, we have a superb selection of 5 person tents to suit any budget.

Winfields recommends: the Vango Harris 500 5 man tent is a fantastic example of what these spacious models can offer you. For starters, there’s a roomy awning and front living space for maximum relaxing space. Plus, the ‘lights out’ bedroom lets you dictate your wake up time, and there’s even storage pockets to keep your essentials close throughout the night.

Top tip: even if there are only three of you, a 5 man tent can still be a great choice if you want that bit of extra room; for storage, relaxation, or to stash the resident snorer!

6 man tents

Whether you’re a group of friends on a weekend away, or a family of four, getting a six person tent could be exactly the right option to give you maximum space for your trip. There’s nothing wrong with including a little bit of comfort on your camping trip – and more room is definitely the easiest way to do it.

Winfields recommends: our exclusive Kampa Kielder 6 Air Deluxe tent is ideal for families who need that extra bit of space. With room to sleep six people comfortably, you also benefit from a large inner living room, and an extended awning that allows you to enjoy the weather.

Top tip: have a large group? For even more space and plenty of sleeping options, we also have 7+ person tents to accommodate any and all kinds of family.

Discover the outdoors with Winfields

Whether you buy a 5 person tent or 6 person tent, you know you’re getting quality and value for money for all camping trips and sites you pitch at when you buy from Winfields Outdoors. And don’t forget to explore our vast range of camping equipment – from cosy sleeping bags to outdoor camping kitchens, we’ve got you covered.