Motorhome & Caravan Awnings

Extend the living space of your caravan, campervan or motorhome outside by using an awning or canopy. Our awnings are strong, sturdy and reliable, able to provide shelter from the weather and a spacious area in which to relax.

Easy to put up and take down, anyone with experience of pitching a tent should have no problem with a motorhome awning, so there's no need to worry about it being too complicated. Here at Winfields, we have a huge range of camper awnings for sale, allowing you to find the right awnings to fit your vehicle, no matter the size, shape or model. We stock some of the biggest brands around, including Vango, Kampa, Outwell and Sunncamp, ensuring only the highest quality, whatever you buy.

Choose from various sizes and styles, including caravan porch awnings and drive away awnings so you can find the perfect specs for your motorhome or caravan. If you need any help or advice, take a look at our driveaway awning buying guide.

What are Caravan Awnings?

A caravan awning is a tent structure that fits seamlessly to the side of your caravan or motorhome. With an opening for your vehicle door, you can easily step into your awning from your caravan or motorhome and enjoy the benefit of additional space. Caravan awnings are a great way to enhance your caravan trip, giving you a great place to relax and enjoy the fresh air and views in comfort!

What Type of Caravan Awnings Are There?

There are a few different types of caravan and camper awnings for you to consider. We have the following caravan awnings for sale, each good for different purposes:

  • Caravan Porch Awnings. These attach to the side of your vehicle when stationary and will need to be taken down when you move your vehicle.
  • Drive Away Awnings. These have the added benefit of being able to be left standing when you move your vehicle, so you can come and go as you please.
  • Inflatable Caravan Awnings. These use an inflatable structure instead of heavy poles, making them much easier to transport.
  • Inflatable Drive Away Awnings. These combine an inflatable structure and drive away design.

What are Caravan Awning Sizes?

The most important thing to get right when buying caravan awnings is the size. Camper awnings usually need to be smaller than caravan awnings, though there is no specific product you need to buy, as long as you get the size right. It is the same story with motorhome awnings.

Here are the things you need to know to buy the right size caravan, camper or motorhome awnings:

  • The height of your vehicle. This is important for making sure your awning fits securely. Most can be adjusted for some give, so you need to make sure your camper, caravan or motorhome is within its range.
  • The floorplan size. This is how much space your awning will give you. Make sure it is sufficient for your needs.
  • Rail Compatibility. Some awnings require a minimum length of straight rail on your vehicle to fix onto.
  • Awning annexe. If you think you may want more space in the future, see if it can be extended with a further awning annexe.

How to Fit a Caravan Awning?

If you are erecting a caravan awning for the first time, you may feel like you have all the gear and no idea! However, if you can put up a tent, you will probably be able to make a good go of a caravan awning. If you already have an awning rail on your vehicle, your awning should be able to thread right in.

If don’t have a rail, there are still a few things you can do to attach your awning, such as using the Kampa Limpet Suction Driveaway Kit, the Outdoor Revolution Magnetic Drive Away Strip or simply pegging it down on the opposite side of the vehicle.

Read our Drive Away Awning Buying Guide for more information.

Which Caravan Awning Should I Buy?

Once you have decided if you want a drive away awning, a standard awning or an inflatable awning, and know what size you are looking for, you can narrow your search down to choosing which one to buy. Some top features you may wish to look out for are:

Skylights and large windows for plenty of natural light Curtains for privacy Lantern hanging points Flat entry for wheelchairs or pushchairs Additional weatherproofing features to protect your from wind and mud

Don’t forget to buy an awning rug and groundsheet to make your camping trip as comfortable as it can be. Check out our awning cleaning and waterproofing as well to make sure yours stands the test of many weekends away!

Shop our caravan, motorhome and campervan awnings for sale here at Winfields Outdoors for one of the best selections at brilliant prices!