Camping Furniture

For many, camping is all about kicking back and relaxing, perhaps with a little bit of adventuring mixed in. And if you’re going to relax properly then you’ll need only the best camping furniture.

Your tent should become your home away from home, and whilst you can’t pack your sofa or your dining room furniture, you can take the next best thing. Here at Winfields, we have a wide range of camping tables and chairs for the whole family to sit around at meal times, camping storage units in which to neatly pack away your clothes, and even kitchen equipment to help you cook up some culinary delights.

We also understand that space can be at a premium when camping, which is why we stock a selection of folding camping tables and chairs. They’re quick and easy to unpack and put up, and just as simple to take down again when it’s time to leave. They then slide nicely in your car without taking up much room at all. We also stock a number of inflatable chairs that, again, are incredibly comfortable and don’t take up much room.