Camping Stoves & Cookers

Cooking in the great outdoors is just one of the many joys of camping, especially when you concoct something delicious for the whole group. However, in order to cook properly, you need the right camping stove.

Here at Winfields Outdoors, we have a fantastic range of top quality portable gas stoves and camping cookers, including camping stoves with a single burner, grills, griddle plates, and more - all of which have easy-to-change gas cylinders. We stock camping stoves from some of the biggest names in the business, including Outdoor Revolution, Vango and Campingaz stoves, so you know you’re buying reliable cooking gear.

As well as portable stoves, we also have a range of other cooking items, including solid fuel stoves, gas regulators, hoses, and more. Buy your portable gas stove online today for your next camping trip and get unbeatable value for money thanks to our Price Match Promise and free delivery options.

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What Is A Camping Stove?

A camping stove is one of the most important pieces of kit you can have on a camping trip. While gathering around an open fire and toasting marshmallows has its charms, when stomachs really start rumbling, you need to be able to cook up a reliable meal.

A portable camping stove offers an easy way to heat, grill, toast or boil food and drinks, while still being light and portable enough to carry or fit in your rucksack. Most of them run off a gas canister or small cartridge, though you can find some electric stoves - of course, the downside to these is you can’t set them up wherever you like.

What Gas Do You Use For a Camping Stove

Most camping gas stoves run off propane or butane gas. What is the difference between the two? Well, the most significant factor is the temperature at which they can burn at.

Propane can still produce enough heat to cook with in temperatures of as low as -42°C, while butane struggles in cold temperatures of just a few degrees above freezing. While you probably won’t be camping in such extreme temperatures on a summer UK camping trip, butane could potentially cut out on particularly cold mornings when you need a cup of coffee!

Alternatively, you can also find portable gas stoves that run off a propane and butane mixed gas cartridge. This combines the higher efficiency of butane with the more versatile ability of propane. You won’t be able to find larger canisters of this gas type, though, as it is mostly supplied in small lightweight containers.

Your camping gas stove will only be able to work with one particular type of gas, though, so check before you buy which one yours will be using to ensure it is suitable.

Can You Use A Camping Stove Inside?

The main concern any gas appliance raises is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, and the same goes for portable camping stoves. Your gas stove in your kitchen probably runs off natural gas, rather than an LPG canister that your portable stove uses. As they are made up of heavier particles that don’t dissipate as fast as natural gas, a propane or butane leak can build up dangerous fumes quickly. Home appliances will also probably have more safety features built in to stop a leak happening, plus your house will likely be much better ventilated than a tent.

Furthermore, while camping you are likely to have a lot of flammable materials around, such as sleeping bags and your tent fabric. Therefore, it is not recommended that you use a camping stove inside - they are made purely for the joy of outdoor cooking!

What Is The Best Gas Camping Stove?

There are many types of portable stove available for you to choose from. If you want to take one hiking, the best gas camping stove will be a lightweight single burner stove that you can easily fit in a rucksack. If you won’t be moving quite so far, you could choose a stove burner and grill with a carry case for more meal possibilities.

See our blog post on The Best Camping Stoves & Cookers For Amazing Campsite Meals to find the perfect one for you.