The Best Camping Stoves & Cookers For Amazing Campsite Meals

One of the real delights of camping is open-air cooking, surrounded by nature and breathtaking views.

To dine alfresco successfully, you’ll need the right equipment handy. It may seem obvious, but if you’re cooking equipment isn’t up to scratch,  it could taint your whole camping experience!

Whether your adventure is set on a remote mountain, down the coast, or even at a lively festival – you’ll need to eat! So why not come prepared? With the right cooking equipment, you’ll be able to make your trip much more enjoyable for whoever’s involved. 

Here at Winfields Outdoors, we believe enjoying delicious food on a camping trip is a highlight, and being able to create fond memories around the campfire with great meals is a must, whether it’s a solo trip or a family voyage.

Read on to discover the best camping stoves & cookers for amazing campsite meals…

What is a camping stove?

A camping stove is portable cooking equipment that allows you to cook meals on a camping holiday. 

If you’re new to camping, you may think a campfire will do nicely for cooking. But it’s worth noting that some campsites do not permit campfires for safety reasons, so it’s always best to come prepared just in case. 

Camping stoves are specially designed for the purpose of cooking outdoors, providing you with what you need to whip up any dish you desire! You’ll be able to choose from a range of styles, types and power options, depending on your preference. 

Most camping stoves require propane or butane gas, but you’ll also be able to find electric-powered camping stoves.

What camping stove style is right for you?

Deciding what camping stove or cooker is right for you will depend on what you want and need. You may opt for all-rounder stoves, but if you’re a small camping group this might be unnecessary. 

We recommend pinpointing what kind of trips you want to experience and your budget. There are many cookware options to choose from that accommodate an array of different pricing options, so we can guarantee that there’s a stove or cooker to suit everyone. 

For example, if you’re going on a camping trip with the whole family, we would recommend a highly versatile option that can accommodate having different meals on the go at the same time. 

If it’s just you or a friend deciding to venture out on an outdoor adventure, we recommend a smaller option that prioritises compact efficiency, reliability and durability over everything else.


What are the best camping stoves & cookers for cooking meals?

We’ve selected several superb camping stoves and cookers that are certain to add value to your camping experiences this year. Discover our top recommendations below!

Campingaz Camping Chef Folding Stove

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose, lightweight camping stove, the Campingaz Camping Chef Folding Stove would be a great choice.  

The Campingaz Camping Chef Folding Stove is great for when you’re on the move to different locations, as you can simply pack it up, store it away and get moving. 

This affordable camping stove is great for any family camping trip, as you can have multiple meals cooking simultaneously. Besides, the Camping Chef benefits from a piezo ignition with easy-to-use push-turn knobs. 

The Campingaz Camping Chef Folding Stove is a surprisingly powerful apparatus, containing two gas burners for boiling, frying and toasting meals and an additional downward grill.

Key details include:   

Fuel: Gas.

Power: 3kW total & 1.5kW downward burner.

Weight: 4.0kg.

Dimensions: 60cm x 40cm x 35cm (when open).

Learn more about the Campingaz Camping Chef Folding Stove


Vango Sizzle Double Induction Hob

The winner of  Camping Magazine’s  “Best Kitchen Gear” 2020, the Vango Sizzle Double Induction Hob. This hob has been perfectly designed for outdoor use and can easily whip up great meals.

Ideal for foods that require an intense boil as it offers 800W of power, it also has built-in lock features to ensure that pans stay heated without spoiling your food.  

It’s also worth mentioning that the Sizzle Double is compatible with stainless steel bottom pans only. If you’re unsure whether your pans are stainless steel, the hob has built-in sensors and will audibly alert you when cookware is unsuitable. 

The transportation of the Sizzle Double is stress-free, as it comes with a carry bag and can be easily stored away. It also has a wipe-clean surface to ensure hassle-free cleaning up after a great dinner!

Key details include:

Fuel: Electric plug-in.

Power: 1.6kW.

Weight: 2.78kg.

Dimensions: 49cm x 12cm x 32.5cm.

Learn more about the Vango Sizzle Double Induction Hob

Campingaz Party Grill 200 Stove

The Campingaz Party Grill 200 Stove is an essential cooking tool if endless cooking options on your camping holiday sound great to you. 

Incredibly versatile, the Campingaz Party Grill 200 Stove is perfect for just about any cooking needs. It contains a grilling grid and a stovetop, so whether you want to boil water for a cup of tea or cook up grilled favourites, there are no limitations when using this portable stove.

What’s more, the Party Grill is easy to transport and store away thanks to its detachable legs and lockable lid. The stove also runs on a Campingaz CV Plus valve cartridge, which can be easily removed and replaced while you’re cooking, should it run out of gas. The piezo ignition also promises simple, match-free lighting for an enjoyable outdoor cooking experience.

Key details include: 

Fuel: Gas.

Power: 2kW.

Weight: 2.84kg.

Dimensions: 32cm x 33cm.

Learn more about the Campingaz Party Grill 200 Stove

Go System Dynasty II Compact Stove

The Go System Dynasty II Compact Stove is perfectly suited to people who love to go on spontaneous camping adventures!

This stove is in its second generation and isn’t just a popular choice for camping enthusiasts! It’s also a favourite pick for anglers, small families, friendly gatherings and any occasion where outdoor cooking is on the cards! 

The Go System Dynasty II Compact Stove is a low-priced option when compared to other stoves, and it’s just as durable and efficient as other leading stoves. 

This stove option uses a Piezo ignition and Go-system Bayonet Butane cartridges, so cooking or boiling water will never be a problem. It can also boil 1 litre of water in just 3 minutes and 45 seconds. 

Efficiency and reliability are at the forefront of the design, which is why this is a superb option for last-minute camping types. 

Key details include:

Fuel: Gas.

Power: 2300 watts.

Weight: 1.8kg.

Dimensions: H 8cm x W 26.5cm x L 33cm.

Learn more about the Go System Dynasty II Compact Stove

Campingaz Series 400 S Double Burner

The Campingaz Series 400 S Double Burner had to make it into our top picks, as it’s the ultimate all-rounder. 

The stove features innovative Xcelerate ™ Technology, making it much easier to cook up your favourite hearty dishes in whatever environment you find yourself in on a camping adventure. 

This stove will never leave you feeling limited and has unbeatable performance, suitable for when you need to accommodate larger parties. 

The stove also has an integrated Piezo ignition system that offers guaranteed lighting, so you’ll never have to use matches again. It’s also ultra-portable, with a built-in handle and a locking lid. 

Key details include: 

Fuel: Gas.

Power: 4.4kW total.

Weight: 6kg.

Dimensions: 55.5cm x 44.5cm x 46cm.

Learn more about the Campingaz Series 400 S Double Burner

Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV Stove 

Brand new to Winfields, the Party Grill 400 is a powerful and versatile camping stove. 

This superb portable stove offers campers five different cooking surfaces to choose from, making it ideal for cooking many delicious dishes.

What’s more, this stove is easy to clean down and lighting the stove is straightforward to do in any weather condition, thanks to the advanced piezo ignition. 

Key details include:

Fuel: Gas.

Power: 2000w.

Weight: 4.92kg.

Dimensions: 36cm.

Learn more about the Campingaz Party Grill 400 CV Stove

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

The Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven is one of our best-sellers here at Winfields Outdoors, thanks to its ability to cook incredibly delicious pizzas in just 60 seconds! You’ll also be able to use this portable pizza oven to whip up a wide range of other hearty meals. 

If you’re bringing the kids along on a camping trip or simply want cookware that’ll allow you to cook hearty favourites, we highly recommend the Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven.  It’s surprisingly lightweight and benefits from a gravity-fed pellet hopper for an effortless cooking experience. 

Key details include:

Material: Durable, insulated, powder-coated carbon steel shell / 0.4″ (10mm) cordierite stone baking board.

Weight: 10 kg.

Dimensions: 74 x 39 x 72cm / Cooking surface: 12″.

Learn more about the Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven


Outdoor Revolution Single Induction Hob

A perfect alternative to a traditional live flame cooker, the superb Revolution Single Induction Hob would be perfect for weekend camping trips away. 

This handy outdoor camping stove can cook food and boil a kettle in no time, thanks to the 1800w single induction hob. Not only this, but the hob also features an overheat protection and timer to prevent any accidents. 

The Outdoor Revolution Single Induction Hob has ten different function controls designed to cater to every cooking need. 

Key details include:

Power: 220-240V~50/60Hz 200-1800W.

Weight: 2.35kg.

Dimensions: 28cm x 34cm  x 6.6cm.

Learn more about the Outdoor Revolution Single Induction Hob 

Cadac 2 Cook 2 Pro Deluxe QR Gas BBQ

With the Cadac 2 Cook 2 Pro Deluxe QR Gas BBQ, outdoor enthusiasts will face no difficulty cooking up a storm, thanks to the two independent burners (each with a pot stand) and piezo ignition. 

This portable BBQ option also has an additional ceramic flat plate and one ribbed plate to ensure that it covers all barbecuing needs and preferences.

A durable carry bag is included with your purchase, making it easy to store away and take anywhere. 

Key details include:

Power: 2 x 2 kW.

Weight: 5kg (approximately).

Dimensions: 10cm x 57cm x 32cm.

Learn more about the Cadac 2 Cook 2 Pro Deluxe QR Gas BBQ 

Vango Scran XL Cook Plate 

Alfresco cooking will feel super easy when using the Scran XL Cook Plate & Griddle, made by the trusted outdoor retailer, Vango. 

This cook plate option is powered with a UK mains plug, featuring a half and half, flat or ribbed cooking option for easy healthy cooking. 

Perfectly suitable for family camping trips, the Vango Scran XL Cook Plate features adjustable legs that allow fat to drain away, whist heat-resistant handles add extra protection and ease of transportation. 

Key details include:

Power: 1500W.

Weight: 2.50kg.

Dimensions: L 81.5cm x H 13.5cm x W 30.0cm.

Learn more about the Vango Scran XL Cook Plate

Camping stoves and cookers are just one of the many camping essentials you’ll need for your next adventure. Check out some of our cool box, cookware, tableware and water carrier options below, or explore the rest of our website for more.


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