Walking & Hiking Socks

There are few things worse than cold, wet feet when you’re hiking. It’s uncomfortable, makes you miserable, and is actually potentially dangerous if the weather is particularly cold, as you could end up with hypothermia or frostbite.

In order to ensure your feet are nice and warm, make sure you have at least one pair of thick walking socks, preferably with another pair in your pack in case your first pair get wet. Here at Winfields Outdoors we have some great deals on hiking socks from top names including Heat Holders, Sprayway and Regatta, so you know your feet are in safe hands.

Our walking socks are perfect for use with walking boots or wellies, shop online today and take no chances when it comes to keeping warm when in the great outdoors. For our full range, shop men’s walking socks and women’s walking socks.

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