Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are an absolute camping essential - and there’s nothing quite like climbing into a nice warm sleeping bag at the end of a busy day hiking or exploring your campsite. 

Here at Winfields, you can shop our huge range of single, twin, lightweight, compact and kids sleeping bags from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Vango, Outdoor Revolution, Sunncamp and more. And, get free delivery on orders over £80!

Sleeping bags at Winfields Outdoors

Getting a good night’s sleep is incredibly important if you want to be at your best the following day, so you’re going to want a good quality sleeping bag to make sure you get the shut eye you need. Here at Winfields Outdoors, we have a fantastic range of sleeping bags to suit the whole family. 

Adult sleeping bags

Choosing a sleeping bag is all about style. If you’re a serial fidgeter, or want extra room to move about, then you need a square sleeping bag. Alternatively, if you like to be cocooned, or are venturing into colder camping areas, a mummy sleeping bag tapers in at the feet for that cosy feeling.

Whatever your style, we have an adult sleeping bag to suit you. Take the Ember Grande Sleeping Bag from Vango. With a square shape, this adult sleeping bag is slightly larger than a single to offer you even more freedom of movement whilst you sleep. And, finished with the durable Polair® shell and lining, this sleeping bag is built to last whilst still staying soft to the touch.

Double sleeping bags

If you prefer not to sleep alone, or really love some extra space to move, you can always pick up a double sleeping bag. Designed to fit two people comfortably, double sleeping bags are ideal for couples camping, or family trips when you need some extra space when the little ones come calling.

Combining excellent design and comfort, the Outdoor Revolution Sun Star Double 400 Sleeping Bag is a fantastic double sleeping bag for couples or families. With heavier insulation, this double sleeping bag is perfect for trips in early spring or late autumn, and even has a handy internal pocket to stash your phone or other essentials. Plus, with a zip on either side, there’s no need to interrupt your partner when you want to get up.

Compact sleeping bags

For those trips where space is at a premium, or you’re hiking with your pack, we also stock a selection of lightweight and compact sleeping bags to keep the weight down. These are perfect for backpackers or solo trekkers, where features like an anti-catching zip, compression stuff sack, and a hood and/or built-in pillow can make your life a lot easier.

Recommended by the Duke of Edinburgh award, the Vango Nitestar Alpha 250 Sleeping Bag is an excellent example of compact sleeping bag design. Even with the additional insulation to keep you nice and toasty whilst you sleep, this compact sleeping bag can compress down into a small pack size, weighing in at approximately 1.65kg for the perfect warmth-to-weight ratio.

Kids sleeping bags

Taking the kids on a camping trip? Our kids' sleeping bags are lightweight but built to keep them warm for that all-essential good night’s sleep before the next day’s adventure. We have plenty of colours and shapes for you to choose from, so you can find a kids sleeping bag that’s perfect for your child.

For example, the Sunncamp Deluxe Junior Bugs Sleeping Bag with Pillow is a great blend of comfort and function. The built-in pillow means they’ll never be without somewhere to rest their head, whilst the square shape means they can wiggle about as much as they want before settling down to sleep. Decorated with colourful frogs and other creepy crawlies, this kids sleeping bag is a fun way to let bugs into your tent – with a lot less mess.

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