Air Tent Poles & AirBeams

Inflatable tents are made to an incredibly high standard and are no less reliable than their poled alternatives. However, like regular tents, while inflatable tents can withstand a fair bit of battering, they will get damaged if not cared for properly and need spare parts.

While punctures are incredibly rare in air tents, inflatable tent poles are an essential piece of kit for any camper. At Winfields, you’ll find air tent poles and replacement air beams from a range of camping brands, including Vango, Kampa and Outwell. You can be assured that we’ll have the ideal spare part for your air tent, such as Vango replacement air beams.

Our range of inflatable poles includes spare tubes and sleeves to protect your air tubes. If you have a Kielder tent, we have Kampa replacement air beams. Likewise, we also have Outdoor Revolution replacement air beams for Edale and Airdale tents, plus much more.

Shop online today for the ideal spare air tent poles and air beams from leading brands. Enjoy FREE delivery when you spend more than £80.

For more information about repairing and replacing air tent poles and tent beams, read our blog for a simple step-by-step guide.

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