1 Man Tents & 2 Man Tents

If there are only a couple of you on your camping trip, then you probably don’t need a big tent with multiple bedrooms. A two-person tent will do the trick, providing you with all the sleeping room and storage space you need without having to cart around a larger, bulkier tent. Some even enjoy a spot of solo camping or backpacking, getting away from it all to be one with nature, and in which case a one-man tent will more than suffice.

Here at Winfields, we have a fantastic selection of lightweight small tents, ideal for just one or two people on a weekend away, wild camping or backpacking. We stock some of the biggest names in the industry, including Vango, Kampa and Coleman, ensuring supreme quality no matter which tent you buy.

Find your perfect small 1 or 2 man tent online today or have a read of our one-man tent buying guide if you’d like more information. If you want something a little bigger, take a look at our 3 and 4 man tents.

  1. Zempire Vader 2 Man Tent
    Zempire Vader 2 Man Tent
    £99.99 Was £116.99 RRP £130.00
  2. Vango Knoydart 200 Tent
    Vango Knoydart 200 Tent
    £219.99 Was £249.99 RRP £280.00
  3. Vango Torridon 200 Tent
    Vango Torridon 200 Tent
    £174.99 Was £199.99 RRP £250.00
  4. Vango Cairngorm 200 Tent
    Vango Cairngorm 200 Tent
    £119.99 RRP £150.00 Save £30.01
  5. Vango Cairngorm 100 Tent
    Vango Cairngorm 100 Tent
    £104.99 RRP £130.00 Save £25.01
  6. Regatta Halin 2 Tent
    Regatta Halin 2 Tent
    £59.99 RRP £175.00 Save £115.01
  7. Vango Borrowdale 2 Tent
    Vango Borrowdale 2 Tent
    £44.99 Was £49.99 RRP £64.99
  8. Vango Spey 200+ Tent
    Vango Spey 200+ Tent
    £69.99 Was £74.99 RRP £100.00