Motorhome Inflatable Drive Away Awnings

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What are inflatable drive away motorhome awnings?

An inflatable drive away motorhome awning is an extension that’ll provide you with a more spacious living space that also shelters you from the elements.

Choosing an Inflatable drive away awnings means less hassle, as you won’t have to bother with poles to set it up properly - simply pump it with air and it’ll be good to use.

The ‘drive away’ part means that it can be left freestanding, should you want to hit the road on a day trip and leave your pitch fully set up. Simply re-attach it when you get back! Regular awnings do not support this feature, which means that they would have to be taken down if left detached from your motorhome.

Why buy an inflatable drive away awning for your motorhome?

Buying an inflatable drive away awning is an excellent way of extending your outdoor living space to use however you see fit.

Inflatable drive away awnings are also great at shielding you from the elements, providing you with a protected and comfortable area so that you can remain outside should the weather take a turn! Plus, as we mentioned above - when you choose to go with an inflatable awning, it means there’s no need to worry about regular poles and spending too much time setting up your home away from home.

An inflatable drive away awning can be popped up and taken down in a matter of minutes, allowing you to relax and enjoy your trip.

Another great thing about an inflatable drive away motorhome awning is that they do not rely on your vehicle for support, which means that you can leave it on-site while you’re off exploring the great outdoors, instead of having to dismantle it like other awning models.

How do I set up an inflatable drive away motorhome awning?

An inflatable drive away motorhome awning is super quick and easy to set up and dismantle. It’ll depend on the awning model that catches your eye, however, some inflatable drive away awnings offer single point inflation. This is to make setting up your awning much easier, as you’ll only be required to pump air into one designated area, as opposed to having to do so in multiple sections.

Plus, there are no poles required when setting up an inflatable drive away motorhome awning, so it usually takes a matter of minutes to fully erect.