Blackout Tents

Whether you need a light-tight festival tent where you can sleep off the night before, or a darkened tent bedroom for mini campers to take a nap, a darkened tent sleep system could be your saviour. Specially designed to block out the light, our range of light-tight and blackout tents are ideal for a restful holiday at any time of year!

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Light-tight and blackout tents from Winfields Outdoors

Finding new ways to stay comfortable when you’re exploring the outdoors is vital – and one of these ways is ensuring you can get a good night’s sleep. Here at Winfields outdoors, we have an excellent range of tents with light-tight and blackout bedrooms from leading outdoor brands, including Coleman, Vango, Zempire and more to help you sleep well in your home away from home!

Light-tight and blackout tents for camping

Having a darkened bedroom is one of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep on your camping trip! Also known by other names, such as a ‘Lights Out Tent’ or ‘Sleep Tite’ technology, these tents are designed with light-resistant fabric fully sewn into their sleeping areas (including the roof). This allows you to stay tucked up in your sleeping bag, without being disturbed by early morning sunrises.

Different brands use their own light-tight technology, but you can rest assured that we have some of the best blackout tents for you to choose from right here at Winfields Outdoors.

Coleman blackout tents

For maximum light protection, Coleman blackout tents block out 99% of daylight to help you get a restful sleep. But that’s not all! This useful technology also helps with temperature control, keeping your blackout tent cool during the day and warmer at night.

Explore our selection of Coleman blackout tents here at Winfields. For example, for convenient construction and superb quality, why not consider the Coleman Weathermaster 6XL Air BlackOut Tent for your next holiday? With FastPitch™ Air technology, you can have this blackout air tent up and ready in no time – leaving you free to kick back and relax on your holiday.

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