Awning Inner Tent Bedrooms

Do you want access to a fully functional and private bedroom space within your outdoor accommodation? You’re in the right place! Shop our superb range of inner tents below. 

Whether you’re planning a camping adventure with family or friends, an inner tent is a perfect accessory for creating additional sleeping areas. So, if you’ve been looking for a solution to grant you more space and privacy without having to invest in a new tent or awning, an inner tent is perfect for you. 

Our selection of inner tents are designed to be ultra-durable, convenient hassle-free and long-lasting, brought to you from a range of the best brands in the outdoor industry. 

So, whether you’re looking for a reliable pop up inner tent to accommodate a larger party of campers or even just a hassle-free quality inner tent to use as additional storage space, you’ll find what you need on this page. 

Shop inner tents at Winfields Outdoors today and enjoy free UK delivery* on all orders over £50!