Inflatable Motorhome Awnings

Motorhomes can be incredibly spacious places these days, but you can never have too much room, which is why an inflatable motorhome awning is an essential purchase to extend your living space. You can make more room for relaxing, eating, or giving the kids some more space to play with the weather isn’t great.

Our drive away inflatable campervan awnings, available from top names such as Vango, Kampa and Sunncamp, are incredibly strong, standing up to even the most inclement weather. And because they’re inflatable, they can be pitched and attached to your van in no time at all, even if you have little or no experience of doing it before - don’t worry, it’s easy! So whether you have a VW camper or any other make or model of van or motorhome, our inflatable awnings are a superb choice.

Shop for blow up awnings for motorhomes and campervans online today at Winfields Outdoors and get great prices across our entire range, including FREE delivery and flexible payment options, saving you more money. You can also browse our full selection of awnings to see the whole range at amazing prices.