Running Tops and Baselayers

Are you looking for clothing designed to provide protection and comfort whilst exercising? Look no further. Discover our extensive range of running tops and baselayers below.

Quality running tops and baselayers are staple clothing pieces for those who spend time outdoors, offering improved breathability and enhanced protection from the elements. 

Not only will these types of athletic clothing ensure you’re kept at an optimal temperature, but they’ll also aid with enhancing your performance - especially when you’re experiencing challenging weather conditions. 

Seasoned runners will know when you’re wearing the right gear, you’ll not only look - but you’ll also feel ready for whatever comes your way. We’ve tailored our range to provide all types of running tops and baselayers needed for any environment, designed to boost your confidence whilst on a run. 

Our selection of running tops and baselayers is undefeated when it comes to quality, variety and style, with options to suit all budgets. 

From long sleeve running top options to a wide range of thermal baselayers, we stock an extensive variety for both men and women, brought to you by industry experts. 

If you’re stocking up on the essentials, be sure to check out our wider range of outdoor gear and equipment. From the best footwear to must-have accessories, you’ll find the best activewear to suit your style and adventure.

Shop the best running tops and baselayers at Winfields Outdoors today and enjoy free UK delivery on all orders over £80*. 

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