How to choose the perfect sleeping bag for your camping trip

Row of sleeping bags in tents

When you're heading out camping, a sleeping bag has to be an essential part of your kit list. Different bags are better suited to different contexts, so it can help to know a little about what you're getting before you buy. If you're looking to choose a sleeping bag for your next excursion, here is some information to help inform your decision, and some specific options too.

A reliable all-round bag

If you're looking for a sleeping bag to take to a festival, kip on a friend's floor, or enjoy some camping time in the fairer seasons, you want a good all-round sleeping bag that will keep you toasty, without weighing you down.


The Sprayway Challenger 350 is a good example of this kind of bag. It's a step up from thinner bags, and features a mummy sleeping bag design that reduces cold spots and ensures a good, comfortable setting for a night's rest. Its temperature range spans from a comfortable -1°C to highs of +14°C, so it's a versatile bag that's suitable for three seasons of the year.

The cold weather sleeping bag

If what you have in mind is a more extreme camping excursion, then you need a bag that will stand up to the elements.


The Vango Nitestar 350 takes you beyond the three season limit of most bags and into the winter months, with a temperature range from 18°C down to a comfortable -2°C. It's not only designed to give ideal warmth, but also to minimise weight and pack size. Thanks to these qualities, it comes Duke of Edinburgh recommended too.

The family comfort bag

Of course, your idea of an enjoyable time camping might be something a lot more sedate. That's why there are sleeping bags that give you more of a home-from-home feel. The Outwell Contour Double is a two to three season sleeping bag designed for comfort, and it looks more like a double bed that a cocoon.

double sleeping bag

Handily, it can also convert into two singles, making it a comfy choice not only for camping, but also if you need a makeshift nest for home visitors. All this cosiness doesn't mean it's not portable though - it has a cap compression sack that means you can easily reduce it to pack size for transporting.

The kid's choice sleeping bag

If you're camping with young children, you want to make them feel as comfortable as possible. That's why the Highlander Furry Friends sleeping bag comes with an array of cute animal designs on its cover.


It's a three season bag that will keep children warm, and it also folds into a neat little rucksack, so the kids will find it easy to carry. It's suitable for children aged five through ten, and makes a good sleepover choice too.

These are just a few examples of the sleeping bags on offer at the moment. Check out our full range of sleeping bags here.

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