Festival Tents Buying Guide

If you’re planning to go and rock out at a festival this year, then you’ll need a decent tent so that you can get a good night’s sleep – ready for the next day’s dancing and partying.

At Winfields Outdoors, we offer a wide range of festival tents, so whether you’re going to rock, pop, or bop this summer, read on to find out everything you need to know about festival tents…

Factors to consider 

Obviously,  you’ll need plenty of other bits and pieces, but a tent is a pretty essential piece of equipment.

Festival tents (also sometimes known as weekend tents) are a popular tent of choice for, just as the name suggests – festivals. 

Festival tents are also commonly used for short camping trips, as they tend to be more compact, lightweight, and portable. 

How much do festival tents cost?

Nowadays, there’s a lot of options to choose from and pricing will depend on if you require or want additional features, such as an attached porch area. 

Festival tents tend to be smaller than other options out there. It’s worth mentioning that having access to a porch area can come in handy for belongings that don’t belong inside – such as muddy shoes.  

When it’s raining, a porch area will feel like a godsend, giving you a sheltered outside space away from unpleasant weather…

How many people will be sleeping in the tent? 

Festival tents tend to be quite snug, making them a great option for a couple of friends to share or with a partner. If you prefer extra space to store your belongings comfortably, we recommend doubling your tent size. For example, if you are looking for a tent to accommodate two people –  opt for a four-person tent for optimum comfort.

Key features to look for in a festival tent

When opting for a festival tent, there are a few key features that are essential for comfort. Here are the most important features to keep in mind when choosing the right festival tent: 

  • Make sure it’s lightweight – so you can carry it to your desired destination easily. 
  • Make sure you know how to pitch – you’ll want to spend your time enjoying your outdoor holiday – not getting frustrated over an overcomplicated festival tent.
  • Be sure that it’s the right size before you venture out into the great outdoors. These tents are designed for spur-of-the-moment trips and short holidays, so be sure to double your tent size if you prefer to have extra space. 
  • Memorable – make sure that you will be able to recognise your tent, especially if you’re going to a crowded campsite or a music festival. After all, you don’t want to make an accidental appearance in someone else’s tent that looks like a spitting image to yours. 


What festival tents are available to buy?

We offer an extensive range of festival tents at Winfields Outdoors, so be sure to check out our full collection. We’ve chosen a few to include here that we think will cover everything you need.  

Introducing the Easy Camp Moonlight Tipi Tent – a superb tent option that encompasses fun and easy camping! Perfect for friends and/or family to share on a trip to a festival.

Comfortably sleeping up to 8 people, this Easy Camp tent boasts a simple centre pole design that ensures total ease of use. The overall quality is impeccable, thanks to the 185T fabric construction. The tent also features a mesh door panel for privacy and ventilation purposes, ensuring a nice, cool and steady airflow. Perfect if you’re planning to go to a festival this summer!

Perfectly built for festival adventures, the Montegra 2 Man tunnel tent from Regatta is jam-packed with useful features. This tent option is also particularly great at providing protection during changeable conditions, thanks to being highly durable and sturdy once set up.

This lightweight tent option will comfortably fit up to 2 people, and it even offers a small front porch area – perfect for relaxing and unwinding after hitting the dancefloor.



Highlander Blackthorn 2 Man Tent

The Blackthorn 2 Man Tent is the ideal outdoor accommodation if travelling light is your main priority. 

This ultra-lightweight tent only weighs 3KG, and it’s fully waterproof. Other useful features include a breathable outer fabric and PU coating. 

The pitching poles are made out of fibreglass, so you can be assured that you’ll have durable and reliable shelter on your trip. The tent also features a bug net and a porch area to the front of the tent, ideal for a small seating area or as a place to store belongings.




Regatta Kivu 2 V2 Man Dome Tent 

The Regatta Kivu 2 V2 2 Man Dome Tent is a great option for inexperienced campers, as it’s easy to set up and it’ll only take you approximately 10 minutes to pitch. 

Suitable for festivals and weekend trips, this tent offers practical features such as colour-coded pitching, a spacious porch area with a hardwearing groundsheet, and also internal pockets. 

The tent has multiple vents throughout and a mesh door to encourage airflow, whilst keeping unwanted insects out. 


Vango Skye 500 5 Man Tent

Last but not least, we have the Vango Skye 500 tent. The Skye 500 is a spacious 5-person tunnel tent, suitable for groups of friends or small families. 

The tent features Vango PowerFlex® fibreglass poles for a sturdy structure and can be pitched with the flysheet and inner together, with a colour-coded pole system for easy navigation.

The Skye 500 also features a spacious porch area, providing you with a useful storage area for the kit that belongs outside. The bedrooms also contain darkened fabric to promote a better night’s rest during your camping trip. 




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