Festival Tents Buying Guide

Young people camping at a music festival in their tents

If there’s one thing you’re definitely going to need if you’re going to a music festival this summer, it’s a tent. Obviously you need plenty of other bits and pieces as well, but a tent is a pretty essential piece of equipment.

We’ve got a wide range of festival tents that are ideal, whether you’re camping solo or with a group of friends.

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But first of all, here are a few key things to consider when buying a tent for a festival...

1. How much you want to spend - With so many people wandering around, probably having had a beer or two, it’s probably best that you don’t spend too much on a tent.

2. How many people will be sleeping in the tent – As a rule of thumb, go for extra space e.g. if 2 people are sleeping in the tent, choose a 3 man tent.

3. Whether you need a porch area or not – A porch area can come in really handy for unwanted things inside the sleeping area like wet clothes or muddy shoes. When it’s raining, the porch area will feel like a godsend too, giving you somewhere to hide from the rain.

4. How to find your tent at a festival – Trust us, this is easier said than done. Choose an eye-catching design which you can’t forget or buy an accessory (like a flag) that will make your tent stand out from the crowd.

Whether you're heading to Leeds & Reading Festival, V Festival, Bestival or the host of other festivals in the UK and abroad, here are some of the best festival tent you can choose from in 2018…

Vango Borrowdale 2 Tent

Vango Borrowdale 2 Tent

The Vango Borrowdale 2 is a two-person tent that's the perfect festival tent if you like to be nice and cosy with someone, but we'd also recommend this one if you're sleeping by yourself as it'll give you more room to store your things and be a little more airy when you wake up on those warm summer mornings. Lights out inners reduce the amount of light coming in, while there is also a small porch area to put muddy wellies after a long day at the festival.

Price: £49.99

Buy the Vango Borrowdale 2 Tent

Vango Borrowdale 3 Tent

Vango Borrowdale 3 Tent

Absolutely ideal for couples either camping together or with a child, the Vango Borrowdale 3 is a great entry-level 3-person tent that will last you a few festivals and a couple of camping holidays in between. It's quick and easy to pitch thanks to the colour-coded system, meaning you have more time to enjoy everything the festival has to offer.

Price: £59.99

Buy the Vango Borrowdale 3 Tent

Vango Borrowdale 4 Tent

Vango Borrowdale 4 Tent

Making it a hat-trick is the Vango Borrowdale 4. This four-person tent is incredibly versatile - it can be used by couples who want a bit more room, friends who don't mind sharing with each other, or families who don't want a tent that's too big. This is a superb tent for festivals but can also be used for weekends away or for touring.

Price: £69.99

Buy the Vango Borrowdale 4 Tent

You can also see a video walkaround of the Borrowdale 2, 3 and 4 tents with our video below:

Regatta Kivu 4 Dome Tent

Regatta Kivu 4 Dome Tent

Another brilliant four-person tent, the Regatta Kivu 4 dome tent is, again, ideal for couples, groups of friends, or families, and is perfect for festival life, providing plenty of room, quick pitching, and storage room for belongings.

Price: £69.99

Buy the Regatta Kivu 4 Dome tent

Vango Skye 500 Tent

Vango Skye 500 Tent

For something with a little more room at your next festival, the Vango Skye 500 could be just what you're looking for. A spacious 5-person tent, it's great for groups of friends to join forces so they only have to take one tent to the festival, or for families to all sleep under one roof. This tunnel tent uses just three poles so is quick and easy to pitch and boasts full stand up height living space.

Price: £139.99

Buy the Vango Skye 500 Tent

Easy Camp Carnival Tent

Easy camp festival tent

The cheeky print on the tent also makes it stand out, making it easier to find your tent amongst the thousands of others – particularly handy in the middle of the night! The guy ropes are also brightly coloured, making them easier to see and reducing the likelihood someone is going to trip over them.

Buy the Easy Camp Carnival Tent

Check out the rest of our festival tents or if you want something larger for a whole group, then our family tents will do the trick nicely.

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