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Festival Tents Buying Guide

Festival tents

If there’s one thing you’re definitely going to need if you’re going to a music festival this summer, it’s a tent. Obviously you need plenty of other bits and pieces as well, but a tent is a pretty essential piece of equipment.

We’ve got a wide range of festival tents that are ideal, whether you’re camping solo or with a group of friends.

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But first of all, here are a few key things to consider when buying a tent for a festival…

1. How much you want to spend – With so many people wandering around, probably having had a beer or two, it’s probably best that you don’t spend too much on a tent.

2. How many people will be sleeping in the tent – As a rule of thumb, go for extra space e.g. if 2 people are sleeping in the tent, choose a 3 man tent.

3. Whether you need a porch area or not – A porch area can come in really handy for unwanted things inside the sleeping area like wet clothes or muddy shoes. When it’s raining, the porch area will feel like a godsend too, giving you somewhere to hide from the rain.

4. How to find your tent at a festival – Trust us, this is easier said than done. Choose an eye-catching design which you can’t forget or buy an accessory (like a flag) that will make your tent stand out from the crowd.

With all that in mind, here are the different types of festival tent you can choose from…

Tipi / Ridge Tents

If you’re shopping on a budget, these classic festival tents are a winner – being relatively inexpensive. A ridge/tipi style construction makes for a traditional aesthetic which is easy to put up and take down. These types of tents are useful if you’re not used to pitching tents in general, so it should make life that bit easier and allow you to start enjoying the festival as soon as physically possible!

Winfields Recommends: Easy Camp Carnival Tent

Easy camp festival tentThe cheeky print on the tent also makes it stand out, making it easier to find your tent amongst the thousands of others – particularly handy in the middle of the night! The guy ropes are also brightly coloured, making them easier to see and reducing the likelihood someone is going to trip over them. Buy the Easy Camp Carnival Tent

Pop Up Tents

The fantastic thing about pop-up tents is they literally only takes a couple of minutes to pitch and are just as easy to take down again. Again these are perfect for those with little or no tent pitching experience, and if it’s bucketing down with rain, you can get the tent up in double-quick time.

Winfields Recommends: Regatta Malawi 2-Man Pop Up Tent

Regatta malawi festival tent

This Regatta Malawi tent is a two-sleeper, so is perfect for a couple of friends heading to a festival, meaning the cost can be split and only one has to carry it to and from the car.

It comes in a variety of eye-catching colours so it easy to spot amongst the thousands of other tents in the campsite. It also has multiple vents and a mesh door for better airflow through the tent.

Buy the Regatta Malawi 2-man tent

Dome Tents

Dome tents are another superb choice for festivals. They provide lots of space and a good level of storage for all your things. Most will also have an awning to store muddy or wet clothes or to shelter away from the rain.

Winfields Recommends: Vango Rock 200 & 300 tent

Vango rock 200 festival tentThis Vango Rock festival tent is available in both a 2-man (200 range) and 3-man format (300 range), so is ideal for a couple or a few friends wanting to buddy up and share. There is plenty of inner storage and an attachment from which you can hang a light. It has strong fibreglass poles, brightly coloured guy ropes and is nice and light, meaning it’s not awkward to carry to the campsite. It features a lights-out inner tent, ideal for grabbing a bit of extra sleeping in the morning, as well as inner-first pitching, which means the outer can be taken off in hotter weather. Buy the Vango Rock 200 or Vango Rock 300

Winfields Recommends: Regatta Kivu 2 Dome & Kivu 3 Dome tents

Regatta kivu 2 festival tent The Kivu is a key part of the Regatta tents range, and they’re absolutely perfect for festivals. They provide a generous porch area, ideal for slinging wet or muddy clothes if the weather isn’t great, while the strong fibreglass poles provide extra stability. Both tents are very easy to pitch using colour-coded poles, and the bright guylines help people see them in the dark – perfect for crowded campsites. Plus, at these price points, they’re an incredibly affordable option. Buy the Regatta Kivu 2 or Regatta Kivu 3 dome tents

Small Tunnel Tents

Small tunnel tents are nice and compact but still offer plenty of room for sleeping and storage. Many have generous awnings, which is ideal if you have lots of stuff with you or you just want to chill out.

Winfields Recommends: Vango Ark 300 Tent

Vango ark 300 festival tent

This four-sleeper from industry leaders Vango is a fantastic festival tent. It’s ideal for a group of friends, two couples or even a family off to a festival. If you split the cost between the four of you then it works out as an incredibly good value tent.

It’s quick to pitch, giving you more time to enjoy yourself, and it’s highly waterproof and durable. The poles are colour-coded so is easy to put up for tent pitching novices.

As you can see from the image above, there is a large porch area, which is great for sitting in, for extra storage space or keeping dirty clothes away from your clean items.

Buy the Vango Ark 300 Tent

Check out the rest of our festival tents or get in touch if you have any questions or would like any advice about which tent is right for you.

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