The Best Kids Camping Chairs

When you’re planning an outdoor holiday away with the kids, we’re sure that checking you have adequate sleeping and shelter equipment is high on the priority list. But what about kid’s camping chairs?

When you’re planning an outdoor holiday away with the kids, we’re sure that checking you have adequate sleeping and shelter equipment is high on the priority list. But what about kid’s camping chairs?

We all know how children can get when they’re uncomfortable and unsettled on a camping holiday – and it’s easily avoidable once you know what to look for! Keeping the kids safe is of course the top priority, however, comfort shouldn’t be overlooked. 

At Winfields Outdoors, we offer an extensive variety of kids camping chairs. But which ones are the best for your little ones? Read on to find out everything you need to know about kids camping chairs… 

Determine what you’ll need 

When you’re looking to buy a kid’s camping chair, you should consider a few things. Firstly, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your child need a tray to eat their food comfortably?
  • Will your child need a chair that includes a shade protector?
  • Is the material of the camping chair comfortable? 
  • Is it better to go for a cheaper option if they’ll outgrow the chair quickly?
  • Can they reach the chair comfortably?
  • Does the chair come with a safety lock feature? 

Things to consider

Get their view on it 

Let your little one in on the conversation. Make it fun! Every child will have their style and preference, and kids camping chairs tend to accommodate this. 

Allowing your child to choose their own equipment could make them feel more part of the experience, and excited to venture out on an outdoor holiday – especially if it’s their first time. 

See what they prefer, which design makes their eyes light up, or what feature suits them. After all, they are going to be the ones using the chair.



Leading on from above, choose a design to suit your child. Although, it may be worth keeping in mind that what might be “cool and trendy” for them now, may not be in the future. 

For example, your pre-teen might find that Peppa Pig chair you got them uncool by next year’s camping adventure. To ensure you get a longer lifespan out of your kid’s camping chair, you may want to go for a block colour. 



For kids, it’s not a “one size fits all” when it comes to camping chairs. 

You may plan on sizing up when purchasing a kid’s camping chair so that it’ll last you longer.  That’s not a bad idea, however, ensure that it’s safe enough for your little one to reach and use comfortably.


Not that kids camping chairs weigh a ton, but every little bit of added baggage adds up when you’re on foot. 

As you’ll also likely be carrying other essential equipment, make sure the kids camping chair you opt for is as lightweight as possible, without compromising on the quality you want.


You’ll want to make sure that the kid’s camping chair you opt for is as compact as possible – so you don’t end up lugging around bulky furniture.

So, along with making sure that the chair is as lightweight as possible – also prioritise whether or not it can fold away into a more portable shape. 


Added features

Lucky for kids,  what’s considered “added features” for regular camping chairs are usually standard for children’s versions.

For example, it’s not uncommon to see built-in cupholders as a standard feature, and they also tend to have a little extra padding for comfort purposes. But that doesn’t mean that kids camping chairs can’t come with more additional features, depending on the child’s age and requirements. 

A built-in shade cover will never go amiss if you’re planning on enjoying the British summer.  After all, just like us adults – your child will likely appreciate a little added luxury, especially for an outdoor holiday where comfort is key to a good trip! 

Full kids camping set

It’s all good and well making sure that your child has a super comfortable camping chair ahead of your next outdoor holiday. But, have you considered whether it’s worth investing in a full camping set?

For example, nowadays, there are some pretty worthwhile full camping sets for children that are specially designed to provide everything they need. Plus, a camping set can also feature some lovely designs that are certain to bring a smile to your little one’s face.

Access to shelter, a table to eat their meals on, and of course, a super comfortable camping chair. So, if you’d rather have a hassle-free way of making sure they have all of the camping essentials they need – go for a full set.


Typical types of children’s camping chairs 

When browsing for kids camping chairs, you’ll see three typical designs, as they usually tick all the boxes that parents are looking for. We’ll go into more detail about each type below. 

We also offer a wider range of camping gear for children. From unbeatable kid’s footwear to a superb selection of outdoor accessories, you’ll find everything you need to ensure that your little one stays comfortable and protected throughout a camping holiday. To shop our entire selection, click here.

Folding camping chair

Kid’s foldaway chairs are safe, sturdy, and particularly lightweight. These types of chairs also come with all the usual benefits of an adult foldaway chair but are more child-friendly. 

This means that it’s normal for kid’s foldaway camping chairs to feature tougher fabric, child locks, safety features, and additional padding. The last thing you want is your child’s foldaway chair to collapse in on itself – so the child lock is essential.     

Moon camping chair 

A moon camping chair is considered one of the most comfortable options on the market, even for adults. 

This is because the circular structure ensures that your little one is supported from all angles, and they’ll be able to lay back and relax. Children’s moon chairs are a great lightweight option and are pleasantly easy to set up.

Mini tub camping chair   

Last but not least, a mini tub camping chair is also a fantastic choice. Mini tub chairs are super easy to transport around, they offer a compact folding feature, and offer great comfort. 

This practical yet fun addition to your camping equipment can come in a variety of different designs, with a common feature being additional padding along with the backrest area.

The wrap-around side feature of a mini tub chair also means that your little adventurer will be sheltered from the elements, such as unwanted draughts. 



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