Whatever style you prefer, comfortable footwear for outdoor adventures is essential. That’s why we’re proud to present this range of Kesmere walking shoes and boots, exclusively found at Winfields Outdoors.

Choose from our range of Kesmere men’s Trekker walking boots for a comfortable low-rise fit, or get some extra support and stability with our Kesmere women’s Rambler waterproof walking boots.

Browse this Winfields Outdoors exclusive range today and take advantage of our free UK delivery offers on orders over £50.


Exclusive Kesmere footwear at Winfields Outdoors
At Winfields Outdoors, our goal is to stock and sell a diverse range of clothing and equipment at affordable prices to make the outdoors more accessible. The Winfields Outdoors exclusive Kesmere footwear line is an affordable way to discover new places in comfort and style.

Kesmere men’s walking shoes
Kesmere men’s walking shoes are a fashionable but functional addition to any wardrobe.

For example, the Kesmere Trekker low walking shoes are an excellent combination of reliability, durability, and stability. These take the features of a higher walking boot to provide plenty of support around the ankle, but within a more compact shoe.

This intelligent design incorporates additional protection around the heel and toe to increase the durability of these high contact areas. Plus, you can enjoy extra padding around the heel and tongue for a more comfortable walking experience.

These Kesmere walking shoes are also waterproof, so you can trust your shoes to keep your feet warm and dry.

For added protection, why not check out our Waterproof walking socks guide to find the best ones for you?

Kesmere women’s walking boots
You should never have to sacrifice appearance for functionality, which is why we love the Kesmere women’s walking shoes. You can get the best of both worlds with classic designs that offer plenty of internal support whilst keeping you looking good on the trail.

The Kesmere Rambler walking boots, for example, offer you supreme comfort and support for wherever you decide to go.

These have a mid height design to provide extra ankle support, helping you protect your joints whilst you're on uneven or rocky terrain. 

Meanwhile, the leather upper is a fashionable but functional material that’s crafted to be waterproof and breathable. This helps keep external water out whilst still allowing air to circulate around the foot.

For increased stability, the Kesmere Rambler walking boots have a durable outer sole with a deep tread for increased traction on wet or muddy ground.

Muddy hikes will be a lot of fun in the exclusive range of Kesmere footwear, but you need to know how you take care of your shoes to extend their life. Why not check out our guide on How To Clean Your Walking Boots Or Shoes to learn more?

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