At Winfields Outdoors, we’ve got a fantastic selection of Marmot clothing for you to choose from. Explore our ultra-durable Marmot down jacket range, designed to provide unparalleled warmth and comfort, as well as our exceptional selection of fully insulated Marmot coats, packed with the latest outdoor technology and specs to ensure lasting quality.

Our Marmot minimalist jackets will help you enhance your performance on the trails, whilst our range of ultra-protective Marmot waterproof jackets ensure you remain protected no matter what. Browse our range of Marmot clothing below.


Shop Marmot clothing at Winfields Outdoors
At Winfields Outdoors, we’re proud to be a stockist of Marmot clothing. Marmot offers outdoor enthusiasts the gear needed to stay shielded from the elements, no matter what conditions you find yourself in. 

Our range offers incredible Marmot clothing and accessories for men and women, and is suitable for all types of outdoor activities. 

Marmot jackets
Choosing a Marmot jacket guarantees you’ll get a high-quality product for your outdoor wardrobe. At Winfields Outdoors, we have plenty of options to choose from within our wide range of Marmot jackets, including Marmot parkas to waterproof jackets.


Marmot minimalist jackets
The Marmot minimalist jacket is highly rated as an excellent waterproof layer. Using Gore-Tex Paclite® technology means the Marmot minimalist offers ultimate weather protection, whilst also being lightweight and easy to pack away when you don’t need it.

Gore-Tex® is one of the leading waterproofing technologies, so for more information check out our guide to Everything You Need to Know About Gore-Tex®.

Our Marmot minimalist jackets are comfortable, durable and functional. These can offer you maximum protection from the elements, whatever your activity. Plus, the wide range of colours and styles means you’ll be sure to find one that suits you.


Marmot down jackets
Insulated and down jackets are ideal for cold weather because they’re specifically designed to retain heat and keep you warm.

At Winfields Outdoors, we have a great selection of Marmot down jackets in a variety of styles and colours to suit your needs.

For example, our Marmot parka offers more full-body protection from the elements, and is highly insulated for maximum warmth and comfort. Our insulated Marmot down jackets may be shorter, but they still offer you great protection from the elements.

We also have a great range of featherless insulated Marmot jackets for those who prefer, which use a hybrid construction within the fabric to keep you warm.

Explore our tips for The Outdoor Clothing You Need To Stay Warm On Your Winter Walks to learn what else you need to stay cosy in cold weather.


Marmot fleeces
Fleece is a wonderful material that is designed to keep body heat in and cold air out. Our Marmot fleeces are a great example of using this fabric to create comfortable and functional outerwear for every occasion.

Many of our Marmot fleeces are zip-fronted for ease, with plenty of pocket room to store the essentials during your activity.

Explore our Fleece Buying Guide for more information on how to choose the best fleece for your needs.


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