Royal Leisure specialise in making camping accessories and equipment on the market. With a huge selection of camping chairs and camping accessories available right here at Winfields. Royal’s camping chairs are sturdy, well-made and easy to carry. Discover the Royal camping chairs collection and camping accessories below. Free delivery on orders over £80.

With a history spanning several decades, Royal Leisure has become a household name for high-quality and comfortable camping chairs and camping equipment.

Royal camping chairs
The attention to comfort in Royal camping chairs is one of their distinguishing qualities. To offer the best support and comfort, many of our Royal camping chairs have padded seating, movable headrests, and ergonomic backrests. For extra convenience, several of their seats also feature strong armrests and cup holders.

Royal camping equipment
Royal Leisure also has lots of important camping equipment and accessories needed for any camping trip. Be sure to check out their camping mats and tables, ideal for prepping breakfast after a night camping or eating your evening meal off with the family. 

We also have excellent windbreaks and lamps from Royal Leisure available. They’re great and lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about carrying anything too heavy when you’re packing.

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