20 of the best hiking memes and gifs on the Internet

The internet has given us a number of different ways to amuse ourselves - no matter what our favourite hobby may be. Hiking enthusiasts will not be disappointed when searching for ways to express their love of hiking and humour online, and here are twenty of the best.

Bear in mind that these are all SFW (Suitable For Work), and you could even download a collection of them for your next hike as a motivational tool. Alternatively, you could always hike somewhere with excellent mobile data coverage.

1) What's that 'animal' rustling in the leaves?

Surely we have all approached a moving pile of leaves before and wondered what beast is hiding beneath?

2) Overly-attached girlfriend - hiking style.

It was only a matter of time before overly-attached girlfriend made her debut into the world of hiking!

3) The hungry raccoon is waiting to pounce.

Beware those pesky raccoons when there's food around!

4) Grumpy cat goes hiking... and gets grumpy.

It seems that the even the fresh air of the great outdoors cannot change his mood.

5) Stating the obvious.

When going hiking, remember 'safety first' to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

6) Bi-lingual English/Canine signpost.

Someone needs to check the dictionary to make sure that it is accurate.

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7) Sudden Julie Andrews Syndrome.

Is this actually a 'thing' for hikers? Would it also work on ground that is completely flat?

8) A little lost?

Perhaps this is just the tiniest bit far-fetched.

9) Hiking season is coming.

Is there actually any subject left that has not had the GOT treatment?

10) Meanwhile, in Russia.

They like to take camping to the extreme over there, and most of the hardiest Russian campers and hikers wouldn't even bat an eyelid.

11) Zombies!

Someone may have been watching too much of The Walking Dead.

12) Burn more calories while hiking.

Carrie and her pals conduct a fitness experiment that may bring even more benefits over a long hike.

13) The real danger of hiking.

Keep to the footpaths to avoid these guys - they're not all about cute patterns and milk.

14) Beware of squirrels
Squirrel nuts sign

Always make sure your nuts aren't exposed out in the wild.

15) The honest truth.

You're a long way from home.

16) Donkey likes a boulder.

Shrek seems to be another hiking-friendly movie.

17) Above-average camping toilet / bathroom.

Warning - other camping facilities may not quite be up to this standard.

18) If the Northface jacket fits.....

It was never going to be long before Gene Wilder also got in on the hiking action.

19) Does a bear hike in the woods?

People who follow you will certainly think so.

20) The new scale for measuring total distance hiked per day.

Are there any other 'epic journey' movies that could be used for this scale?

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