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The internet is flooded with inspirational blogs and websites about travelling - where to go and what to take. At Winfields we love these blogs and have scoured the net to find the very best for your enjoyment.

Here are the top 10 blogs we recommend you check out and some of the bloggers have even been kind enough to give us an insider tip on what they always take with them on their adventures:


This is a playful blog from journalist and adventure girl, Siân Anna Lewis. Siân gives you an inside look at her adventures and wild experiences, including hiking, climbing, trapezing and cheese rolling. The blog also features industry news, product recommendations and general tips for adventures.

We caught up with Siân to see what is the one thing she couldn’t travel without and she said:“I'd say ground coffee and filter papers - it's a real luxury to have a proper coffee when you wake up in the wilderness! :)”


If you are looking for a fresh and to the point look at the great outdoors, then Adventure Journal is the site for you. This is a brilliant resource for hiking and camping information, the latest gear and inspirational photos that will make you want to jump straight to your next adventure. It comes highly recommended by us.


David Webb is a Travel Writer and Journalist in Canada and Across and Abroad is a perfectly simple blog that follows his travels across the world. It is beautifully written and really gives you an inside look at life on the road.

David told Winfields that: “I always have a good supply of three-fold dry-bags. The kind that keep things dry, even when submersed. They’ll save your cameras, keep your clothes dry — they’re worth their weight in gold. I think I own at least five of them.”

We think this is a great tip! Check out the Highlander Tri Laminate Drybag in 3 sizes and 2 colours.


Documenting the permanent travel of Michael Hodson, this blog discusses all corners of the globe and has some great tips for aspiring travellers. The blog is well designed and very professional looking - it’s definitely worth subscribing to.


One of the very best blogs that we found is Challenge Sophie. Sophie Radcliffe has undertaken a long list of challenges including Cycling from London to Paris in 24 hours and completed the world’s first Alpine Coast to Coast challenge.

Challenge Sophie is a motivational fitness and adventure blog that is filled with great advice and insight. If you are thinking of taking on any challenge, definitely visit this blog first, it will get you pumped and ready to go.

We got in touch with Sophie to see what her top gear tip was and she says: “My favourite outdoor item is my Rab Alpine Microlight Down jacket. It's the item I use no matter what the adventure - from climbing mountains, adventure racing, triathlons, cycling... it's always the item i want to wear the most to give me comfort and warmth when I need it. Plus I LOVE the colour, mine is green.”

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This is a blog run and managed by Matthew Karsten. It follows his nomadic travels around the globe and discusses traveling, the latest gear and general travel advice. His adventures are always extreme and he discusses them all in a positive and fun way. An especially popular post is him discussing how he funds his traveling and current lifestyle.


Mapping Megan is not your straightforward blog. When you visit the site you are greeted with a map of the world instead of standard blog layout. From this you can actually pick the country that you want to see blogs from and this gives readers a unique way of interacting with her travel diary.

Megan and Mike Jerrard are the writers behind Mapping Megan and this travel diary follows their journeys and adventures across the globe. The couple are both keen photographers so have a dedicated travel photography section to check out - it has some phenomenally inspiring imagery.

We managed to contact them, whilst on their travels and asked what items they can’t travel without:

Megan responded Obviously as keen photographers, our camera equipment comes with us everywhere we go, and while we do use high quality cameras to capture the bulk of our outdoor adventure, our GoPro is really the one camera/product which is a must for everytrip. It doesnt matter if you're zipping through the treetops of Costa Rica with the GoPro attached to your helmet, or snorkeling underwater with sea turtles in the Galapagos Islands, the GoPro can go everywhere and capture every adventurous moment without issue. And the quality is amazing! Next to the GoPro I would have to recommend always traveling with duct tape, because that stuff can get you out of any jam you could possibly imagine!”


At the age of 26 Kate quit her ‘normal’ life to go travelling around the world. Three years later she has visited more than 50 countries and has some fascinating tales to tell. Adventurous Kate is her ‘Solo female travel blog’ that has documented her travels and the crazy experiences she has got up to. She aims to inspire others to travel especially solo females. Very much worth a read.


Written by Becki Enright, this is another great travel journal. Borders of Adventure is another beautifully designed blog discussing travel advice, different destinations and goes further than most travel blogs to discuss travel misconceptions with social, historical, political and cultural reporting.                                                                                 

We managed to get in touch with Becki to ask what her favourite and important piece of gear was.

She responded: “My favourite outdoor item is my waterproof, red Northface jacket. It takes up minimal space in a daypack, does it's job at keeping you dry (complete with a hood) and looks stylish at the same time!”

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This is blog from another travelling couple, Becky and Graham Padmore. The couple started the blog to chat with other like minded independent travellers and have now built a successful travel blog with a team of writers. The blog discusses cool places to visit and tips for travelling around. They openly promote themselves as ‘not your typical British travellers’, particularly as they embrace local cuisine and activities! The blog is easy to read and filled with some inspirational photography.

So there you have it - the top 10 adventure travel blogs we recommend and between them there is hours of juicy tips and inspirational photography that will have you packing your suitcase and itching to get on a flight.

If you have any further recommendations or top travel tips, please let us know in a comment below and don’t miss out on any updates or insider tips by subscribing to our blog.

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