130 Outdoor Blogs, Instagram & Twitter Accounts You Need To Be Following In 2016

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There are so many passionate outdoor lovers that it’s no surprise there are a huge number of blogs, websites and social media profiles set up to wax lyrical about the great outdoors.

However, it can can be quite time consuming trawling the internet to find the best sites and so we’ve done the hard work for you by bringing you 130 of the best outdoor blogs, Instagram and Twitter accounts you need to be following.

We’ve separated them up into sections to make it even easier for you - general outdoors, camping, hiking & walking, climbing, skiing & snowboarding, caravanning, travel and photography.

Take a look...

The best general outdoor blogs

Get Out With The Kids

As the name of this blog suggests, Get Out With The Kids is a great resource for families who love the outdoors. Content includes product reviews, places to go and loads if info on various outdoor activities, including cycling, camping and hiking.

Dirtbag Darling

Representing "the modern outdoorswoman", Dirtbag Darling is run by Johnie Gall who posts amazing photos and articles about her travel adventures. It's a great looking website too!

Fiona Outdoors

Fiona is a huge lover of the outdoors and writes about her various exploits. She also does plenty of kit reviews and general outdoor sport news.

Check out our exclusive interview with Fiona.

The Girl Outdoors

Sian Lewis, known as The Girl Outdoors, spends her time writing about her travels, including a travel column for The Independent. Sian has been pretty much everywhere from snowcapped mountains to gorgeous white sandy beaches.

Trail Cooking

This blog has loads of great walks and photos and, of course, some delicious looking recipes you can either make and take with you or cook when you're in the outdoors.

The Morning Fresh

Katie Boué has three rules in life - adventure often, live healthy and climb higher - and she certainly practises what she preaches on her fantastic blog, The Morning Fresh.

Dirtbag Diaries

Dirtbag Diaries is a podcast rather than a blog as such, but it's still worth a mention. Chronicling stories and tales from the great outdoors, Dirtbag Diaries is like your very own campfire get-together in your headphones.

Play Outside Guide

Play Outside Guide is another great blog for families wanting to get outside more. Well worth a look if you want to get your little ones closer to nature.


Outdoor Women's Alliance

Modern Outdoorsman

Live Outdoors

Gone Outdoors

Ynot Outdoors


Bear Grylls

Ray Mears

Capture Outdoors

National Geographic

Outside Magazine

Woman camping in forest

The best camping blogs

Camping With Style

A lovely looking blog that features some great content about getting outdoors, with some good walk suggestions and product reviews.

Camping Tourist

Camping Tourist features a wide range of articles, covering just about everything you'd need if you were going camping.

The Camping Guy

The Camping Guy, also known as Camping Tips and Advice, is another great website dedicated to pretty much just camping. There isn't an enormous amount of content on there but what is there is pretty useful.

50 Camp Fires

50 Camp Fires call themselves 'the camping authority' and it's hard to argue with them (apart from us, that is). Absolutely loads of great content, including tips, advice and camping recipes. One of the most comprehensive dedicated camping websites out there.


Camping with Dogs

Camping with Cats

Camping Tips

Camping Love

Camping Vibes


Camping Magazine

Cool Camping

The Camping & Caravanning Club

Person hiking in mountains

The best hiking and walking blogs


HikersBlog is run by a passionate group of Irish hiking enthusiasts and features some great articles on what gear they're using and where they're hiking.

Hiking Forward

If you're a dad who likes hiking then you'll really relate to Hiking Forward. The blog has some fantastic posts and photos and also likes to encourage children to get out and hike, too.

The Big Outside

Run by adventurer Michael Lanza, The Big Outside showcases some of America's best landscapes with some stunning imagery.

Section Hiker

Section Hiker is an incredibly comprehensive hiking resource for everyone from beginners to experts. Have a dig around on the blog and you're sure to find plenty of top hiking tips and advice.

South Downs Walking

Malcolm Oakley likes to blog about his local area, the South Downs and Dartmoor and the walks in the area. He's also a great photographer and has an adorable border collie called Dave!

Walking The Blog

This is a real hiker's blog and has some really insightful and interesting articles. One that you can really get lost in and well worth a read.

Halfway Hike

Halfway Hike primarily focuses on walking in the West Yorkshire hills, but there's also plenty of tales from around other parts of the UK and even abroad. Another hiker with a gorgeous dog, this one called Brodie.

Nothing But Footprints

Featuring some of the best countryside the UK has to offer, Nothing But Footprints will really make you want to get out there and wander off the beaten track as we all like to do from time to time.

Hiking In Finland

Many of us don't get the opportunity to hike in Finland and its surrounding countries, but after reading Hiking in Finland and seeing some of the stunning photos, you'll want to pack up and head there right away.

Baby Routes

Got little ones at home but still want to go hiking? Baby Routes could be the perfect website for you as blogger Kate documents her walks with her little ones, providing details on some great walking routes in the UK.

Appalachian Trials

The Appalachian Trials has some great information for those interested in thru hiking and long distance walking, so is well worth a read if you're in it for the long haul.


Meanderthals is primarily a series of trail reports for North Carolina, USA, but there's plenty of other good content on there, including some lovely photographs.

Snowqueen & Scout

We really like Snowqueen & Scout, partly because it's owner, Liz, hasn't always been a big backpacker, showing that anyone can take it up at any time. The 'Ask Liz' section has some great info and there are some fantastic photos on there too.


The Real Hiking Viking

Hiking Culture

Hiking Worldwide

Hiking with Dogs

Trekking Toes


Adam Nutting

Ireland Walking

Nordic Walking UK

Snowdon Railway

UK Walking

Rock climber

The best climbing blogs

Dave MacLeod

Dave is one of the UK's foremost climbers and his site is full of fantastic articles, including videos of him climbing and bouldering.

Kev Shields Climbing

Kev Shields has some great climbing photos on his blog, as well as lots of other great outdoor content.

Tom Randall Climbing

Some of the climbs Tom Randall has on his site are nothing short of breathtaking and will make most people cringe at how difficult they look!

For The Love Of Climbing

It seems that, if you're a climber, you need a greta photographer with you too! For The Love of Climbing has some great pictures of some stunning looking climbs.

Greg Boswell

Some more awe-inspiring photos! Greg has some great climbs on his blog, including some amazing ice climbing.

Weigh My Rack

If you're unsure which climbing gear to buy, then Weigh My Rack is well worth checking out, with product reviews of literally hundreds of pieces of climbing kit.


Climbing Magazine

UK Climbing

Climbing Pictures

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk

The Boardroom


I Love Climbing

All Climbing

Dave MacLeod

Chris Sharma

Kevin Jorgeson

Skier taking a selife

The best Skiing & Snowboarding blogs


Whitelines has absolutely tons of great snowboarding content, including gear reviews, travel guides and industry news. A great place for all things snowboard.


Snow.Guide is a fantastic resource for snowboarders, focusing on boarding destinations around the world, snowboarding gear, and technique, making it a great place for all levels of boarder.


Ski-buzz has some great skiing and snowboarding articles, including snow reports, great holiday destinations and even articles about apres ski.

The Backcountry Skiing Blog

If you want lots of in-depth info about skiing, places to go, what skiing gear to use, and even about avalanches, then the Backcountry Skiing Blog is definitely one to check out.



Skiing Heaven

Skiing Magazine


Snowboarding is Dead


Lindsey Vonn

Chemmy Alcott

Shaun White

Jenny Jones

Scotty Lago

Van driving down dusty road

The best caravanning & campervan blogs

Vandog traveller

"I want to live in a van and travel" is what this blogger wanted to do, and that's exactly what he did! This site has some great posts from all over the world and shows that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Campervan Living

Campervan Living is a great blog, showing that family life and van life can very much intertwine. There are also some reviews of campervans if you're in the market.

Caravan Chronicles

As well as showing where blogger Simon Barlow has been in his van, caravan chronicles also has plenty of practical caravanning advice and gear reviews that might be of interest.

Van Life

Van Life is like a mini-Instagram, letting van lovers submit their own photos. It also might provide some inspiration if you fancy getting involved in the #vanlife movement.

Living VANdal

As well as providing loads of great content and van advice, the Living VANdal also provide vanlife consulting to help you follow in their footsteps.

Tiny House, Tiny Footprint

This is a really great looking blog with some fantastic photos. Greg and Kathleen spent over a year living in a 1969 camper trailer and this is their story, along with various other great outdoor content.


Van Life Diaries

Project Vanlife

Camping & Caravanning Club

Caravanning with Kids


Practical Caravan

Caravan & Motorhome Show

Camping & Caravanning Club

Train travelling through mountains

The best travel blogs

Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond really does seem to have been everywhere! From camping on an active volcano in Guatemala to shark diving in Fiji, this blog really will give you itchy feet.

Just One Way Ticket

Travelling is a lifestyle according to Just One Way Ticket, and they certainly make a case for that. There are a whole host of great articles focusing on countries all over the world. Lots of great content to get lost in.

Chris Travel Blog

Chris travels the world on business but manages to sneak some exploring time in there too. Have a read and get jealous that your job (probably) isn't as fun!

Monkeys & Mountains

Monkeys & Mountains is a blog designed to help you get more out of your travels, rather than just doing the same old stuff. There's also a focus on helping wild animals via the site's Wild Animals Online Book Club!

Borders Of Adventure

Travel blogger Becki Enright clearly doesn't sit still for very long. Take a look at her travels and see where she is in the world right now - she writes some great content, so it's well worth a read.

Mummy Travels

Who says having children has to stop you from travelling? Mummy Travels certainly proves that wrong and will hopefully get parents everywhere thinking about where they can take their little ones away.

The Adventure Junkies

They don't lie - they really do seem addicted to adventure with some absolutely amazing articles about the places they've been, including down the Amazon and travelling across America on bicycles.

Young Adventuress

The Young Adventuress has already done more travelling than most of us will do in a lifetime. Some of the places she's been to and the things she's done are really quite inspiring, so it's well worth reading her posts.

Bearfoot Theory

This website not only has some great photographs and articles about the places visited, but there's also lots of good advice for travellers and adventurers.

Bucket List Journey

Whilst the thought of creating a bucket list may seem morbid to some, this blog might change your mind and make you want to make one of your own.

The Planet D

The Planet D is one of the best adventure blogs out there and prove that absolutely anyone can get out there and see the world if they really want to.

Ordinary Traveler

There's nothing ordinary about this blog - quite the opposite, in fact! This site is a brilliant resource for travellers all over the world wanting tips, advice or just to look at the fantastic photographs!

Wild Junket

Run by Adventurers Nellie and Alberto, Wild Junket is a great blog for those wanting to read about literally every corner of the Earth. Just check out the map of the places they've visited to see just how far flung they have been.

Green Global Travel

Not only is Green Global Travel a great site for travellers, but it also has a strong focus on ecotourism, wildlife conservation and cultural preservation.


Young Adventuress

Find Me Outside

Stoked For Saturday

The Expeditioners

The Planet D


Lonely Planet

Trip Advisor

Carol Cain

Divergent Travelers

Luxury Travel

A photographer outdoors

The best outdoor photography blogs

David Lintern

There are some stunning landscapes on David's blog, including some rather chilly looking mountain tops.

The Mountain's Silhouette

This blog is run by Nick Bramhall and focuses on the mountain ranges of Scotland. There are some fantastic photos that may well make you want to head up north.

We Travel and Blog

This site is fairly self-explanatory but there are some stunning photos on here. The bloggers also aim to be completely zero waste, helping the environment on their travels.

Finding The Universe

Not only does this site feature amazing photography from all over the world, but there's also some really helpful advice for photographers young and old alike on how to take the best pictures on their travels.


Daniel Casson

Canon Photos

Ben Watkins

Mike Cotton

Iurie Belegurschi


Richard Bernabe

Russ Bishop

Jim Goldstein

Dave Z

Stewart Smith

Think we’ve missed a great outdoor blog, Instagram or Twitter account? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list.


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    Great list! I would also recommend Monkeys & Mountains, Wild Junket and my own ecotourism/outdoor adventure site, Green Global Travel.
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    Thanks for including Meanderthals in you Hiking list. It is a privilege to be included with so many other fine outdoors websites.
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