136 Best Outdoor, Walking, Hiking & Camping Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2018

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It's become a bit of a tradition here at Winfields Outdoors that at the start of each year we round up some of the best outdoor bloggers on the internet. We did it in 2016 and 2017 and now we're doing it for 2018 as well.

The reason we do this is because there is a huge network of bloggers and writers who cover a wide range of topics including walking, camping, travel, health, and much more, and we feel the brilliant work they do deserves celebrating.

So without further ado, here are the best outdoor bloggers you need to follow in 2018, as well as some brilliant Twitter and Instagram accounts for the more social media minded those of you:

Best General Outdoor Blogs

While some sites on this list have a speciality, these are what we'll call 'general outdoors' blogs as they cover a bit of everything. So if you just like getting outside in whatever form that may take, check out these websites...

The Girl Outdoors

Sian is from Bristol and she runs The Girl Outdoors. Her work has featured in various places you'll definitely have heard of, including Lonely Planet, BBC Countryfile Magazine and The Independent. It says on her site that it's for anyone who loves adventures - that's you, right?

Wild About Scotland

Scotland has some of the most amazing scenery in the UK (if not the world), so if you want to learn more about the places you should visit north of the border, then this is a great site to check out.

Fiona Outdoors

Continuing the Scottish theme, Scottish blogger Fiona has a fantastic site that covers all sorts of topics, including walking, running, cycling, and much more. Whatever your bag, Fiona's covered it!

Cool of the Wild

The perfect site for adventurers everywhere, Cool of the Wild has articles on just about everything. Want to know what the best camping axe is? They know it. Want to know how to make halloumi and pepper stew on a campfire? They've got the recipe. Plus plenty more, obviously.

Get Out With The Kids

Whether you have kids or not, Get Out with The Kids is a fantastic outdoor blog. You'll find reviews of the latest kit, advice on places to stay, and of course plenty of ideas to entertain the children in the great outdoors.

Splodz Blogz

Splodz Blogz started off as a bucket list to encourage others to get outside an experience what the outdoors has to offer, but it's now grown into much more than that with articles about various aspects of outdoor activity and much more.

Outdoor Women's Alliance

The Outdoor Women's Alliance is all about inspiring more women to get outside and build their confidence and leadership qualities. It's not a blog in the same style as others on the list but still well worth your time and a place on this list.

Travelling Lines

Travelling Lines is all about inspiring adventure and offering practical advice, and also has a focus helping build a community of women in the outdoors. A really down to earth site, there's also a bucket list if you want to add some things to your own list!

Views From An Urban Lake

Views From An Urban Lake covers all sorts of topics from geocaching to outdoor wellness and everything in between. It also focuses on nature and some of the amazing animals we have in our country.

Adventure Inspired

From Philadelphia in the US, Katie of Adventure Inspired has a raft of gear reviews to look for the latest kit, as well as brilliant interviews with outdoor folk including climbers, companies and authors.

The Urban Wanderer

If you're from (or want to visit) the North West of England then The Urban Wanderer has some fantastic posts covering various towns and cities in the area, as well as plenty of interesting adventures further afield.

Trail Cooking

If you want help with cooking when you're camping or out on the trail then this is a great site with recipes and top tips to make your outdoor meals delicious.

Kitiara Pascoe

Kitiara is originally from the UK but now works from all over the world. As such, her posts range from what we can see right here in the this country to the far flung regions of the world. The photography on the site is pretty great too!

See Outside

Another site with great photos, See Outside has some brilliant gear reviews as well as articles about travelling in the UK and around Asia. Really inspiring stuff that makes you want to get outside and get hiking.

Zo Outdoors

"Time outdoors, whatever the weather, is time well spent" reads the bio of Zo Outdoors, and we whole heartedly agree! Zo Outdoors covers activities such as cycling and hiking but also more adventurous things like paddle boarding and wold swimming.

The Adventure Blog

Like adventures? Then the clue's in the title with this one! This American site has plenty of inspiration for those across the Atlantic or anyone planning a trip some time in the future.

Trail Seeker

This is another US website, but it also has a lot of other advice-based posts that are relevant for getting outdoors no matter where in the world you are.



National Trust

Ed Stafford

John Hudson Survival

Outside Magazine


Jack Wolfskin


Jennifer Florence

Modern Outdoors

Max Adventures

Hiker on a mountain in winter

Best Walking & Hiking Blogs

If you like nothing more than popping on your walking boots and stretching your legs with a good hike, then these walking blogs are the ones for you...

The Helpful Hiker

With loads of posts about hiking and walking, the Helpful Hiker is very helpful indeed! With tips for lots of different days out, this site is great for families and those who prefer to go it alone.

Two Blondes Walking

The Two Blondes have a passion for Dartmoor and have even released books about the national park. There are some fantastic posts on this site that cover various places in the UK that will really get you pumped for your next hike.

Modern Hiker

The Modern Hiker will give you some serious inspiration for getting outdoors, even if it is based in the US. However, there are also plenty of other posts for everyone to enjoy, such as the best outdoor books to read.

Baby Routes

Baby Routes shows that having a young family doesn't mean you can't get outside and get walking. This site has loads of walks you can try around the UK as well as lots of tips and advice for parents and families who want to get out more.

Beers at the Bottom

Beers at the Bottom is a beer lovers hiking guide - something we're sure many of you will be interested in! Combining a love of beer with a love of hiking, this could become your new favourite site!

Section Hiker

With everything from map reading to ultralight backpacking, Section Hiker is one of the most comprehensive hiking sites around, so is well worth a read.

Walks & Walking

As the name suggests, this website is fantastic if you like walks and walking! With examples of great walking routes in the UK, as well as gear reviews, this is a great site to follow for all walkers.

Halfway Hike

If you like hiking in Yorkshire, then this is a great site to find routes and inspiration, but there's also a wide variety of other articles guaranteed to improve your walking game.

Hiking in Finland

Finland might not be the most obvious hiking destination, but this site might just make you want to hop on a plane! There are other destinations on there as well if Finland isn't your thing!

SoCal Hiker

We like to promote hiking as far and wide as possible, and now we're going to Southern California. However, there's loads on here for hikers who don't have any plans to head Stateside so is still worth checking out.

Exploring Slovenia

We're continuing our trip around the world with Slovenia now! You might not be aware of how beautiful the scenery is in Slovenia, but this site will show you just how amazing it is.

The Trek

This funky looking site has all sorts of information about trekking and thru-hiking, and although it has a general US focus, there's plenty of stuff to appeal to UK readers.

Hill Explorer

If you're stuck for places in the UK to walk, hike and scramble, then Hill Explorer will provide some excellent inspiration, covering almost every corner of the country.

Walking The Blog

If you want a walking blog that has wonderfully written entries and fantastic photos, then this is the one for you. Definitely one to bookmark if you have a passion for hiking.

Carrot Quinn

If long distance and thru-hiking is your thing, then this site is a great one to check out. From personal stories out on the trail to advice on gear, this one isn't to be missed for serious hikers.

Come Walk With Me

Come Walk With Me is actually a guided walking business here in the UK, but they also have an excellent blog with lots of great walking tips and advice.

Two Dogs and an Awning

It's no surprise that many of us who love getting outdoors also have a faithful dog or two at our sides while we do so. This blog combines two of our favourite things and we know you'll love it!


UK Hiking

Trail Magazine

Visit Snowdonia

Philip Werner

Walk 4 Life


Hiking Culture

Hiking With Dogs

Walking Cornwall

Hiking Fever

UK Hiking

Two people camping with a camping stove

Best Camping Blogs

Camping holidays are a British institution, so whether you're a lone camper or like going away with the family, these blogs are essential reading...

Cool Camping

Not only do Cool Camping provide you with info amazing places to camp in the UK, but they also have an excellent blog. Very cool indeed.

Campfire Magazine

Campfire Magazine covers pretty much every aspect of camping, from the best camping stoves to Britain's best beaches.

Camping With Style

A camping blog at heart, Camping With Style will have you covered for all sorts of outdoor activities, including some great gear reviews and advice for hikers and campers of all levels.

Camping For Women

With a focus on outdoor women adventurers, Camping For Women is a fantastic resource for women wanting to get out and even asks for women to share their knowledge and experiences to help others.

Go Camping Australia

One for our camping friends Down Under or anyone planning a trip there. This blog has lots of Aussie-specific posts, but also plenty of general camping advice that can help anyone, wherever they live.

50 Campfires

50 Campfires positions itself as 'the camping authority' and after browsing the site, it's hard to disagree - although we think we deserve that accolade, obviously! Loads of posts from camp cooking to gear reviews and much more.

Inspired Camping

Inspired camping focuses mainly on the popular pastime of glamping, so if you prefer to be a bit more snug on your camping holidays, this is a great site to check out.


Camping Magazine

Cool Camping

Inspired Camping

Outdoor Revolution



Camping With Dogs

Camping in the Forest


Camping Collective

Camping Vibes

Blue VW campervan

Best Caravanning & Campervan Blogs

The campervan and caravan community is a very passionate one and therefore there are some fantastic sites chronicling their #vanlife experiences. Here are some of the best...

Campervan Man

Although only updated sporadically, this site has plenty of great advice for anyone with an interest in campervans, including guides, reviews, events, and more.

Van Dog Traveller

Part travel blog, part campervan blog, Van Dog Traveller documents the places they've been to around Europe as well as the various maintenance and fixing jobs done on the way.

Caravan Times

For those of you who love you caravan, then the Caravan Times has a wealth of information, with everything from articles about caravan insurance to brand reviews. There's also an excellent forum where you can chat with likeminded caravanners.

Caravan Chronicles

For those really serious about their caravan, then this is a great website. It covers everything you'd expect but also goes into lots of detail about specific subjects, so is perfect for beginners and experts.

Practical Caravan

Practical Caravan is one of the websites for caravan aficionados with blogs, videos, competitions, reviews and much more. If you're thinking of buying a caravan or you've had one for years, this is a site you should check out.

Tiny House Tiny Footprint

If you've ever had dreams of just packing everything up into a van and seeing the world, then this site might just make your do it. Featuring some great photography and stories, this is a fantastic and inspiring website for all van life enthusiasts.

Caravanning With Kids

People love to caravan in Australia, and this site is a great resource for all those planning a trip there, especially if you want to do it with children!


Campervan Fan

Caravan & Motorhome Show

Caravan Magazine

Caravan Times

Vanlife Diaries



Campervan outpost

Campervan Couple

Project Vanlife

Vanlife Explorers

Man mountain biking through a forest

Best Outdoor Activity & Health Blogs

Want to get out and about more to improve your health? These outdoor activity and health blogs, including running and cycling, will help get you started...

Ordinary Cycling Girl

Ordinary Cycling Girl is targeted towards women who want to get out more, especially if they love life on two wheels. As well as cycling, there's plenty of general health and wellbeing advice, including yoga tips.

Run Eat Repeat

For some people, 'run, eat, repeat' is a way of life, and if that sounds like you then this blog is full of essential advice, including what to eat and drink, as well as some great running routes.

Fat Girl to Ironman

If you think that you simply can't exercise for whatever reason, then this is the site for you, proving that getting fit is for everyone. Posts include advice on swimming, cycling, running, and more.

Lizzie Outside

We could probably have popped Lizzie Outside in the travel section, but as the site is just as much about staying healthy mentally as well as physically, it deserves its place here. It will give you serious travel envy, though.

Sore Limbs

For runners, the title of this blog will ring very true! This is a very honest site that will show you the highs and lows of running around the UK.

Active Outdoors

For anyone wanting to start getting fit (or fitter), then this is the perfect place to start with articles about pretty much everything from running to bootcamps to assault courses.


Parkrun has become a bit of a phenomenon and has been instrumental in helping people get fit. Their blog is a great resource for those who want some essential running tips.

Miss Wheezy

What makes Miss Wheezy stand out is that it shows how anyone with asthma can still get outside and do exercise despite their condition. If you have asthma then this site will help you get fit.

Paddle, Pedal, Pace

If triathlons are your thing (or you'd like them to be), then Paddle, Pedal, Pace is a superb site with loads of handy advice to get you started or improve your times and technique.

As Easy As Riding A Bike

The great thing about this blog is that it's for everyday cyclists who ride on the road as well as elsewhere, covering safety information, updates to the law, and more.


Tailfish is packed full of fantastic information for anyone wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle, including healthy eating and exercise tips.


Runners World

Cool Running


Junior Parkrun

Health & Fitness Magazine


Salomon Running

Strava Cycling


Women's Health

Men's Health

Person consulting a map while travelling

Best Travel Blogs

Ready for some serious travel envy? These top travel blogs will make you want to pack it all in and head off around the world...

The Travel Hack

Dubbed as a travel blog about stylish adventure travel, that descriptions seems to fit the bill perfectly. Full of style, this site has articles about places many of us might actually get the chance to visit!

Bearfoot Theory

Bearfoot Theory is a pretty comprehensive site that's been made for everyday people rather than the uber athletic. You'll find a wealth of posts about pretty much every aspect of being outdoors and travelling.

Mummy Travels

Many people might like the idea of travelling and seeing the world but feel it's not practical because they have children. This great site shows how it can be done!

Girl Gone Travel

The aim of Girl Gone Travel is to inspire and it most certainly does that! From family adventures to trips away with your friends, and even stuff you can do at home, this is a brilliant site.

The Wandering Lens

If you want some amazing photography to accompany your travel reading then you can't go wrong with The Wandering Lens. Not only will you get inspiration for where to head on your travels, but you'll also learn how to take great photos.

Expert Vagabond

If you want proof that you can travel the world and see everything (and make money doing it) then Expert Vagabond is that proof. From camping on an erupting volcano in Guatemala to trekking in Greenland's Arctic Circle, this site really does cover every corner of the globe.

Mini Travellers

This is another great site focused around getting away with the kids, whether it's in the UK or abroad. If you're planning a trip with the little ones, this blog has some brilliant advice and places to visit.

Heather On Her Travels

If you like your travel with a little luxury, then this could be the site for you. From cruises and staycations to world travel and more, this has something for everyone.

Bucket List Journey

If you have a bucket list or you're thinking of making one, Bucket List Journey will provide you with plenty of ideas for things to add to it.

Pommie Travels

Want travel tips from someone who'd travelled to over 45 countries? If so, see the great posts from Victoria on Pommie Travels.

Travel Dudes

There aren't many places that Travel Dudes doesn't cover, so whether you're going to Rome, South Africa, Sri Lanka or Cornwall, this site has a bit of everything.

Anna Everywhere

Anna really has been everywhere! From London to Amsterdam to Mexico to South Africa, this site will give you serious travel envy and make you want to head straight to the travel agents.

So Many Places

Do you daydream about quitting your job, selling up and seeing the world? It might sounds crazy but that's exactly what Kim and her husband of So Many Places did. Could you do the same?

Global Grasshopper

Like to keep it local with your travel? Perhaps you want to see as many far flung places as possible? Either way, Global Grasshopper will provide all the travel inspiration you need.


For those who want to know more about travelling in more remote locations off the beaten track, then Travelsauro is a fantastic site, with loads of inspiring articles and photos.


This site is for anyone who loves nature and the outdoors, so that's all of us, right? With some great gear reviews and ideas for places to visit, this is a really handy blog to bookmark.

Luxury Columnist

There aren't many travel blogs out there that boast quite the range of places mentioned as Luxury Columnist. From Jersey and Jamaica to Monaco and Mexico - and lots of places in between!


Lonely Planet

Live Travelling

Travelling With Us

BBC Travel Show

Visit Britain


Travelling Through The World

Travelling Buzz

Travelling Dave UK

The Travelling Friends

Travelling Weasels

So there we have it! It's quite the list and congratulations to all those featured. If you think we've missed a fantastic outdoor blog, then let us know in the comments!

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