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Our planet is a very delicate thing, and we’re increasingly putting it under more and more strain. We only need to look at the effects of climate change to see that we’re standing on the edge of an environmental precipice, and it’s largely up to us as to whether we jump off or not.

So what can we do about it? Quite a lot actually, and fortunately for us there are plenty of people out there giving us lots of great tips on how we can live our lives a little greener. We’ve put together a list of some of the best eco and green living bloggers on the internet sharing the latest environmental news and giving advice on how we can each do our own little bit to save the planet.

Green Living Guy

The Green Living Guy (AKA Seth Leitman) is one of the big players in the eco blogging world and it’s not hard to see why, with a website packed full of important topics, up to the minute eco news and more. He covers topics such as recycling, emissions, eco-tech, and just about every other environmental topic you can think of.

Moral Fibres

Wendy from Moral Fibres states on her excellent site that sustainable living should be hip not hippie, and that’s surely something most people can get on board with. You’ll find all sorts of topics, including food & drink, travel, home & garden, and much more.

Global Stewards

If you want some sustainable living tips laid out for you, then Global Stewards is a great place to find them - including advice on going Fair Trade, reducing paper, lowering your carbon footprint, and more.

Eco Warrior Princess

Site founder Jennifer Nini is the Eco Warrior Princess and it certainly seems like she’s battling hard to do her bit to live greener and encourage others to do the same. The site covers a wide range of issues that can help just about everyone.

Creative Green Living

Creative Green Living is all about living healthier and includes some fantastic recipes for healthy food, but also teaches you about gardening and even has some parenting advice thrown in too. A great blog for those with a young family.

Get Green Be Well

Get Green Be Well has a wealth of tips on how to live a healthier, greener life, but it also offers consulting for families and businesses on how to create better living and working environments.

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This eco-friendly blog features tips on a wide range of topics, including what eco gifts you can send people, how to make your business green, and more. It also features an eco directory where you can find other websites on a variety of issues.

Environment Blog

The very aptly-named Environment Blog does exactly what it says on the tin, covering various eco topic, including driving, sustainability, and even skiing!

Future of Business

The focus of this site, as you might have guessed, is green businesses, offering opinion and tips about the world of work and how we can make it greener, from big businesses to startups.

The Environmental Blog

There are some genuinely fascinating articles on The Environmental Blog that you can spend hours reading, including posts about flooding, animal extinction, pollution, and loads more.


TreeHugger is one of the biggest eco websites in the world, so you may already be aware of it. However, if you’re not, it’s a pretty complete resource for anyone interested in science, technology and business from a sustainability point of view.

Eco Thrifty Living

Eco Thrifty Living asks us if we’d like to save money and the environment, and surely that’s something we can all get on board with? You can read the various blogs that can help you do that, or you can sign up to the forthcoming course if you want some hands-on help.

Green Global Travel

Green Global Travel is an excellent travel blog in its own right, but it has a focus on travelling responsibly, so if you want to see the world while also learning how to save it, this is the site for you.

Zero Waste Home

Reducing the amount of waste we create at home is a very hot topic right now, and this site focuses on just that, aiming to help achieve as close to zero waste as possible.

Groovy Green Livin

Groovy Green Livin is another excellent eco blog, sharing thoughts and ideas we can all use at home and in our own lives to live healthier and do our bit to help the planet.

Urban Gardens

For those who live in big cities, the lack of green space can be an issue, but Urban Gardens shows that we can make green spaces just about anywhere. It features loads of brilliant articles about how live greener even for those of us who live in urban areas.

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Green Moxie

The brilliant Green Moxie is the perfect site for those who want some eco-living advice with a bit of attitude and fun. You’ll find articles on upcycling and green living, but there’s loads on bushcraft, camping and campfire cooking, so we love it even more!


EcoWatch might be more of a news site than a blog, but if you want to know what’s happening around the world from an environmental perspective, this will let you know. There are also some opinion pieces and plenty of advice in there too.

Going Zero Waste

“It’s not about perfection; it’s about making better choices” is the strapline of Going Zero Waste, which is an excellent way of approaching the topic of living more sustainably. This site focuses on reducing the amount of waste we produce, which is something we could probably all work on.

The Picture of Mary

This is another excellent website that gives plenty of tips and advice on how to reduce waste, save some money and recycle what we have around the house. It also features some lovely looking recipes!

The Foraged Life

The Foraged Life is all about how our lives can better incorporate nature to live better and healthier. It features healthy recipes, how to reduce waste, and advice on using ethically sourced products.

A Refuge for Daffodils

The superbly titled A Refuge for Daffodils offers plenty of helpful advice on living more sustainably, as well as having a focus on swimming! So if you like to swim and want to live greener, there literally couldn’t be a better site for you.

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Spot of Earth

While reducing waste is the primary focus of Spot of Earth, there is plenty of other info on there about living healthier and greener.

My Zero Waste

This is another excellent blog that talks primarily about waste, detailing the three ways we can make less of it - reducing, reusing and recycling - with tips on how to prevent throwing away pretty much anything!

Zero Waste Guy

The Zero Waste Guy is Jonathan Levy who has carved out a niche in advising businesses on how they can save money and the environment by reducing wastage.

Green Living Ideas

The clue’s in the title with this one - the site features a whole host of ideas on green living, including how to save energy, sleep greener, make your home healthier, and much more.

So there we have it, some of the best eco, sustainability and green living bloggers and websites - have we missed your site? Let us know and we’ll add you!

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