Brand Spotlight: Mountain Equipment

Mountain Equipment is a brand for all types of outdoor enthusiasts, with a special focus on climbers and mountaineers.

It’s one of the most well-known and admired brands in the outdoor enthusiast community, supporting people to reach their full potential across all types of adventures. 

At Winfields Outdoors, we’re proud to stock an extensive selection of Mountain Equipment products. To learn more about this incredible brand and what’s on offer here with us, keep reading!

Read on to discover more about Mountain Equipment…

Who are Mountain Equipment? 

Mountain Equipment was established in 1961 by alpinist Peter Hutchinson, with the goal being to create the best outdoor gear for explorers, mountaineers and climbers. 

Since then, Mountain Equipment’s dedication to excellence has only grown, known for innovative outdoor equipment and clothing that’s transformed the experiences of outdoor enthusiasts for the better – pushing people to excel when faced with a challenge.

This superb outdoor brand is constantly striving to enhance outdoor experiences for the adventurous, ensuring that whoever chooses Mountain Equipment is given the best protection and support possible. 

So, no matter what kind of outdoor adventure you prefer, Mountain Equipment is certain to offer the gear you need to enjoy being outdoors to the fullest. Read Mountain Equipment’s full mission statement below:

“It’s not our job to try to tell people why they go to the wild places and mountains. It’s our job to make the very best gear in the world.

Since Mountain Equipment began in 1961 we have participated in countless ascents of the world’s highest peaks, supported climbers in establishing ever more adventurous routes and equipped world-record-setting trips to the North and South Poles.

We have been making gear for the most inhospitable places on the planet for over 50 years. You learn a lot here. And all we have learned, lives in our gear.” – Mountain Equipment.

Who does Mountain Equipment make outdoor gear for?

Mountain Equipment is a brand that’s dedicated to providing high-quality outdoor gear that’ll perform exceptionally well in the most testing and extreme weather conditions, as well as act as a pillar of support through tough ascents – but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer options for all types of outdoor enthusiasts. 

For example, we’re certain that our range of Mountain Equipment products cater to all who love to get out and be active in the great outdoors, whether that be in the form of hiking, walking, cycling, climbing or mountaineering. 

Environmental, ethical and welfare values of Mountain Equipment 

For many years, Mountain Equipment has been committed to improving its environmental, ethical and welfare considerations within its own supply chains. See below to discover just how dedicated this brand is to evolving and becoming better.


As you might be aware, Mountain Equipment uses premium quality down for a variety of their insulated products, which includes outdoor clothing and other equipment, such as sleeping bags. 

Around the 2009 mark, animal welfare organisations began to highlight the animal cruelty that was associated with retrieving the material. From this point on, Mountain Equipment began to take the necessary steps needed to ensure that there was total transparency throughout their supply chains.

The DOWN CODEX project was launched officially in 2011, and it was the first scheme of its kind. Essentially, Mountain Equipment is now committed to only sourcing down materials that are 100% traceable and have been continually audited to ensure the wellbeing of the birds. There are four key rules to DOWN CODEX, which include: 

  • All virgin down that’s used by Mountain Equipment is a by-product of the meat industry, only deriving from birds which have been slaughtered humanely. 
  • No duck down will be sourced from birds that have been live-plucked or live harvested. 
  • No duck down will be sourced from birds that have been force-fed. 
  • All virgin duck down used by Mountain Equipment is to be raised in conditions that are considered a high standard by animal welfare organisations.  

The DOWN CODEX initiative has not only been incredibly successful but also extremely influential in the way other outdoor companies work, with many following in the footsteps of Mountain Equipment.

Down Cycle 

As a part of Mountain Equipment’s continual efforts in becoming more sustainable, the Down Cycle project was launched in 2017.  This initiative saw the launch of the Earthrise range – the first-ever clothing collection made from 100% post-consumer recycled down. 

The Down Cycle’s Earthrise range is part of a bigger picture that Mountain Equipment has when it comes to creating a closed-loop recycling system for this material, with the plan being to always repurpose – not throw away.

Fair Wear Foundation 

The Fair Wear Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation that works closely with companies to improve the overall labour conditions within the garment industry – on a worldwide scale.

So, far, the Fair Wear Foundation has over 130 members, made up of various brands and industry-leading companies across the globe.  

Mountain Equipment has worked with the Fair Wear Foundation since 2012, constantly striving to improve labour practices that go into making its garments, performing frequent audits and maintaining a close relationship with its suppliers.

Mountain Equipment follows Fair Wear’s code of conduct when it comes to labour workers and garment creation. This includes:

  • Employment is chosen freely. 
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. 
  • Zero tolerance for discrimination in employment. 
  • No child labour exploitation practices. 
  • Garment makers are to receive a living wage. 
  • Garment makers are only to work a reasonable amount of hours. 
  • Garment makers work in conditions that meet health and safety standards. 
  • Garment makers are to receive legal contracts to ensure that their rights are protected. 

Mountain Equipment has been awarded ‘leader status’ (which is the highest honour) on behalf of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2016, which is something the brand is extremely proud of.

Mountain Equipment partners

The mountains are where the brand’s heart is – which is why they are in partnerships with a variety of organisations whose work revolves around mountaineering and adventure. 

Mountain Equipment has partnered with a variety of organisations that specialise in the mountain and climbing industry, who experience turbulent and extreme weather conditions more frequently than most of us. 

These partnerships extend across a variety of industries, including mountain guides, expedition groups, conservation workers, natural disaster protection and so on. 

Mountain Equipment offers consistent support to these organisations through sponsorships, which allow them to continue the work they do with safety and protection. The brand also provides the gear they need to stay fully protected whilst on the job. 

A few examples of organisations that are in partnership with Mountain Equipment include The Scottish Avalanche Information Service (SAIS), DAV Expedition Teams, the Mountain Morane Foundation and many more. 

Mountain Equipment at Winfields Outdoors

Now that we’ve filled you in with everything you need to know about this incredible outdoor brand, we thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase some of the options available here at Winfields Outdoors.

Mountain Equipment Womens Approach Pants

To start, we have this superb outdoor trouser option for women. Introducing the Mountain Equipment Womens Approach Pants – perfect for those who love to hit the hills for a trekking adventure. 

Ideal for hikers, walkers and climbers alike, these ultra-durable trousers will provide you with functional and comfortable protection, made to enhance your performance. 

And, should you find yourself stuck in wet weather during your adventure, you can rest assured that these stylish trousers are made from fast-drying fabric as well as featuring a microfleece-lined waistband, further enhancing comfort on the move.

Mountain Equipment Mens Changabang GORE-TEX PRO Jacket

Next, a jacket designed to make you unstoppable – introducing the Mountain Equipment Mens Changabang GORE-TEX PRO Jacket. 

There’s no doubt that this outdoor jacket has it all, setting the bar incredibly high when it comes to protection and performance throughout the most extreme elements. 

Designed to provide ultimate protection to mountaineers and climbers, there’s no reason why this jacket shouldn’t be an option for all outdoor enthusiasts – as there just isn’t a jacket that matches up when it comes to durability, performance and protection. 

This is a three-layer GORE-TEX PRO constructed jacket, which means that even if you found yourself in stormy weather during a challenging ascent – you’ll remain fully protected and comfortable. What’s more, the pockets feature Stratum Storage lamination, meaning that your essentials will be secure and remain dry, even if you find yourself exploring in extremely wet conditions.

Mountain Equipment Womens Squall Softshell Jacket

Next, we have a perfect jacket option made for women. Introducing the Mountain Equipment Womens Squall Softshell Jacket – a superb option for hikers, climbers and mountaineers. 

The outerwear benefits from a host of advanced technology, including EXOLITE stretch fabric to ensure that your mobility and movement aren’t hindered, supporting your performance on tough terrain. 

The durability of this jacket is further enhanced by Womens Active Fit cut, as well as offering a fully adjustable hood, cuffs and hem – ensuring a perfect fit that’s personal to the wearer.

Mountain Equipment Mens Frontier Softshell Vest

Next, we have a superb gilet option for those who are looking for lightweight protection without the weight of a coat. 

This full stretch softshell vest for men features a double weave softshell construction, ensuring ultra-comfortable all day long wear without having to compromise on durability and protection. 

What’s more, the Mountain Equipment Mens Frontier Softshell Vest is suitable for all seasons, with exceptional breathability, perfect for adapting to any situation. 

So, if you’re looking for a mid or top layer ahead of your next outdoor venture, this Mountain Equipment gilet is a superb choice.

Mountain Equipment Mens Skyline T-Shirt

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Mountain Equipment Mens Skyline T-Shirt – a perfect staple for the warmer months ahead. 

This superb t-shirt is sure to keep you comfortable throughout any outdoor adventure, thanks to being made from 100% premium organic cotton, ensuring the overall quality is unbeatable. This tee also features a classic crew neck and short sleeves, further enhancing comfortability. 

Comfort aside, this Mountain Equipment t-shirt appears ultra-stylish, with mountain graphics and the brand’s logo displayed on the front. This garment is also available in a variety of colour options, including Denim Blue, Pumpkin and Anvil Grey.

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