Brand Spotlight: Weird Fish

First founded in 1993, Weird Fish is an outdoor brand with a difference. Which is why here at Winfields Outdoors we are very proud to announce that we stock a large range of men’s and women’s Weird Fish clothing.

First founded in 1993, Weird Fish is an outdoor brand with a difference. Which is why here at Winfields Outdoors we are very proud to announce that we stock a large range of men’s and women’s Weird Fish clothing.

Keep reading to find out more about this alternative outdoor clothing brand.

Who are Weird Fish?

Who are Weird Fish?

Weird Fish can trace its roots back to Cornwall where, after an inspiring walk along a coastal path, the company’s founders decided there was a need for an outdoor clothing brand that produces well made, well priced and distinctive items of clothing. 

And, that’s just what Weird Fish has done ever since!

However, there are a few other things which set Weird Fish apart from the crowd…



If you’re looking for an outdoor clothing brand that puts sustainability at the top of its agenda, then you can’t do much better than Weird Fish. 

From the materials they choose through to the factories they use, Weird Fish is on a mission to be as green as possible. Take their manufacturing processes for example. They plan to move more and more of their product to ‘Platinum Level’ green factories which offset up to 90% of their carbon emissions through wind, solar and steam power. 

Weird Fish are also experimenting with more eco-friendly materials and fabrics. Their EcoMac fabric is a prime example. It’s a slow spun, cotton rich Macaroni™ fabric which features a mixture of organic cotton, recycled polyester and natural viscose which makes it a fabric with an incredibly low carbon footprint.

Those efforts are just the tip of the iceberg. Weird Fish has also committed to:

  • Widen their use of sustainable fabrics such as Tencel and Bamboo across their entire range.
  • Replace conventional cotton with organic cotton wherever possible.
  • Encouraging more welfare schemes at their factories such as providing childcare, education and improved housing.
  • Introduce more recycled fabrics such as 100% recycled PET and cotton waste across their range.

Supporting charitable causes

Supporting charitable causes

In addition to their own efforts, Weird Fish also supports other charitable, green endeavours. 

Most notable is their support for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). Since 2015 Weird Fish has partnered with the RSPB on a number of fun and unusual projects. 

Their first joint project was the launch of a ‘Lord of the Wings’ t-shirt. This was soon followed by a ‘Darth Wader’ t-shirt which became the fastest-selling t-shirt in Weird Fish history!

Since then Weird Fish has continued to support the RSPB with further special edition t-shirt designs, raising over £170,000 in the process! (£5 from every sale goes directly to the RSPB).

Supporting communities

Supporting communities

Weird Fish also makes a point of supporting the work of local and national heroes through their ‘Wear it With Pride’ campaign. 

They dedicate a portion of their website to promoting the work of individuals who are seeking to improve the environment, their local community or raise awareness of good causes. Weird Fish is also known for putting its money where its mouth is and sponsoring local events and initiatives.

Wear the Weekend

Wear the Weekend

One of the things that really makes Weird Fish stand out from other outdoor brands, is their distinctive style. 

A Weird Fish garment is easily identifiable at a glance. That’s thanks to Weird Fish’s ‘Wear the Weekend’ design philosophy.

They want each and everyone of their garments to become one of your old, trusty favourites. Like those well-loved jeans or that t-shirt that you’ve washed 100 times. Weird Fish want all of their garments to evoke that feeling of putting on a comfy, reliable, favourite piece of clothing. 

And, it definitely shows! If you like to spend time outdoors, but find some of the other outdoor brands to be a bit too sterile, or serious, then check out Weird Fish. 

We’ve set out some of our favourite and most popular Weird Fish pieces below.

Weird Fish at Winfields Outdoors

Weird Fish at Winfields Outdoors

Whether you’re looking for a cozy fleece for those cold winter mornings or a casual ‘shacket’ or t-shirt for those strolls in the park, Weird Fish will have something for you. Let’s take a look at just a smattering of what we have to offer from their collection here at Winfields Outdoors.

Weird Fish Mens Tyburn Eco Printed Fleece Shacket

Have you ever heard of a shacket?! Well, you have now. 

Super stylish and warm, shackets have exploded in popularity thanks to their flexibility. Match it with a t-shirt underlayer and wear open, or simply wear it alone for next-to-skin comfort.

No matter how you choose to wear it, the Tyburn’s stylish checked pattern, two chest pockets and subtle branding will have your friends asking where you bought it…

The Tyburn also boasts some impressive green credentials, being made from 100% recycled polyester bonded fleece, so you can stay warm, without heating up the planet!

Shop the Weird Fish Tyburn Eco Shacket now.

Weird Fish Womens Liza Fair Isle Jumper

Nothing quite says winter chic like a Fair Isle pattern jumper, and this one from Weird Fish is no exception. 

Constructed from comfortable fibres so you don’t get the itch or irritation often associated with knitwear, the Weird Fish Liza Fair Isle jumper is available in navy, pearl grey or chalk.

Thanks to its acrylic, polyester, elastane mix construction the Liza Fair Isle jumper has added stretch for comfort and will perfectly complement either a set of jeans for your next casual trip into town or some walking trousers for your next winter walk.

Shop the Weird Fish Womens Liza Fair Isle jumper now.

Weird Fish Mens Stern ¼ Zip Eco Macaroni Fleece

You’ll struggle to buy a more environmentally-friendly mens fleece than this one. 

The Stern fleece is manufactured from Weird Fish’s iconic macaroni sweatshirt fabric which consists of an organic cotton combined with polyester, which is sourced from recycled plastics and natural viscose from wood.

When you’re out in nature in this fleece, you’ll be wearing nature too!

And don’t worry, these green credentials don’t come at the expense of comfort and style. The Stern Eco Macaroni fleece features a high collar to keep out the breeze, a ¼ front zip to provide ventilation, and two large hand pockets to keep your hands warm when walking in winter.

What’s more, the Stern Eco Macaroni is easy to care for too. If it gets dirty, grubby or sweaty, a simple 30ºC wash will return it to new!

Shop the Weird Fish Mens Stern ¼ Zip Eco Macaroni fleece now.

Weird Fish Womens Beyonce Grid Fleece

If you’re seeking a great looking, yet highly-functional fleece, then the Womens Beyonce Grid Fleece is for you.

Being lightweight, with the ability to pack down to a small size, the Beyonce Grid fleece is ideal for putting in your bag when you’re out walking. It’ll also work well as part of your layering system.

The Beyonce fleece isn’t just about the outdoors though. Thanks to its grid fleece construction it’s super comfortable and warm, trapping heat around your body. So, it’ll also work just as well on those trips into town or the pub.

Shop the Weird Fish Womens Beyonce Grid Fleece.

So, that’s an insight into Weird Fish at Winfields Outdoors. We’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg though – you can view our entire Weird Fish range here.


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