The Most Instagrammable Landmarks in the World

Machu Pichu

When we head off on holiday, many of us love just switching off and spending some time away from our mobile phones and computers. However, for others it's an opportunity to do the exact opposite!

A study found that millennials take the 'Instagramability' (yes, we know it's not a word) of a location in to account more than any other factor when choosing a holiday destination. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at the most Instagrammable (again, not a word) landmarks around the world to help you get you Insta as on point as possible. If that's the kind of thing you're into.

Take a look at the infographic below to see the most Insta worthy places on the planet by the number of hashtags for each location.

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Make sure your holiday snaps get all the likes with these Insta-friendly locations around the globe...

Central Park, New York City - 6,165,335

Eiffel Tower, Paris - 5,094,640

Times Square, New York City - 3,452,086

Grand Canyon, Arizona - 3,009,503

Big Ben, London - 2,899,769

Burj Khalifa, Dubai - 2,655,954

London Eye, London - 2,628,640

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City - 2,532,110

Louvre, Paris - 2,505,162

Golden Gate Bridge, California - 2,366,341

Niagara Falls, Ontario - 2,364,379

Empire State Building, New York City - 2,302,099

London Bridge, London - 1,817,834

Statue of Liberty, New York City - 1,602,344

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona - 1,530,202

Coliseum, Rome - 1,350,771

Machu Picchu, Peru - 1,264,083

Angor Wat, Cambodia - 1,164,926

New York's famous landmarks dominate the list, but there are a few surprises in there. For example, we'd expect the Empire State Building to have been higher, and we weren't expecting the London Eye to outrank the likes of the Coliseum and Statue of Liberty.

Also, we know that we've used a picture of Tower Bridge instead of actual London Bridge, but no one on Instagram seems to know the difference and it's actually Tower Bridge they're snapping!

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