The Ultimate Guide to Camping Activities

Have you got an upcoming camping trip fast approaching on your calendar? Grab yourself a notepad because we’re here with a whole host of cool camping ideas to create fun for all the family while you’re on your adventure.

Have you got an upcoming camping trip fast approaching on your calendar? Grab yourself a notepad because we’re here with a whole host of cool camping ideas to create fun for all the family while you’re on your adventure.

What are the best camping activities for families?

One of the best things about camping is that it gives you and your nearest and dearest the chance to unplug from the daily routine and spend quality time together in the great outdoors.

Popular camping activities for families include:

  • Watersports (paddle boarding, kayaking, etc.)
  • Hiking (or leisurely walking, of course)
  • Birdwatching 
  • Cycling 
  • Horse riding 
  • Wild swimming

These are timeless pastimes that make for camping memories (and Instagram photos) you can treasure forever. 

Wondering what to do when the afternoon is winding down into the evening, or when you plan to spend the day closer to camp though? 

Below are some of the best camping activities for families that you can do with your awning annex up and a campfire crackling away.

Camping ideas for children

Camping ideas for children

Here are five kid-friendly camping activities to keep the young whippersnappers amongst you entertained for hours:

Learn how to make friendship bracelets

The friends you make on holiday or trips away are friends you remember for life, even if you stop writing each other pen pal letters after six months. Pack some coloured threads, some beads, and a pair of scissors, and teach your youngsters how to make their own friendship bracelets to swap with their campsite chums.

Campsite treasure hunt

Who said treasure hunts are just for Easter? Set up your own scavenger hunt around the campsite to keep the youngsters entertained all afternoon. Hide prizes, give them clues about where to find them, and then watch on in peace as they find where X marks the spot.

Camping games

Board games and craft activities are a great way to put bums on seats when you need to keep a close eye on the kids. However, lawn games and sports activities are some of the best ways to keep children active, peel them away from their screens, and burn off some steam so they’re suitably tired out when it comes to bedtime.

Pebble painting

Pebble painting (or stone decorating) has become a super popular activity of late—the perfect screen-free, no-signal activity for kids to indulge in on a camping trip. Send them on a mission to find some nice smooth pebbles and set up a stone decorating station in your drive-away awning.

Once they’ve finished their masterpieces, they can skim them on the water or hide them around the campsite for other people to find.

Make s’mores around a campfire

No camping trip is complete without s’mores so pack your picnic box with all the ingredients for a gooey, sticky, toasty s’mores-making session. Make sure to pack plenty because the adults will want a slice of the s’mores action too.

Camping activities for adults

Camping activities for adults

If you’re on an adult-only trip or you’re looking for some camping activities to do once the kids have gone to bed, here are five cool ideas for your itinerary:

Pub quiz

Fancy yourself as a mastermind of common knowledge? Or do you and your campmates have a topic in common you’d like to answer pop questions about? Set up a pub-style quiz with teams and prizes. The loser has to clean out the flush tank. 

Wine tasting

Pack a few bottles of your favourite wines or even tipples you’ve never tasted before and host a tasting session for the over-18s and non-designated drivers in attendance. Take your cool box or camping fridge along to keep your vino nice and chilled then yourself up a makeshift wine-tasting station and make your sommelier dreams come true.

Campfire stories

You’re never too old for toasted marshmallows and campfire stories. With no youngsters in earshot, you can steer your storytelling session toward more eerie genres. If you’re not feeling inspired to tell your own ghoulish tales, there are plenty of books you can order or access online to read out by torchlight. 

Sip and paint

Don’t worry, we aren’t expecting you to cram an easel into your camping kit. All you need to take with you is a small set of paints and brushes and a pad of quality paper, then you’ll be all set for a session of painting and sipping. Whether it’s a cup of tea and a rural landscape or a glass of wine by sunset, this is a super relaxing way to while away the hours.

Grown-up camping games

From board games and card games to games you don’t need any equipment for like Charades and Truth or Dare, adult-friendly camping games are the perfect way to switch off and have a giggle when the coast is clear of kids.

Camping activities for when you have pets in tow

Right, we’ve got the grown-ups and the little ones sorted, now it’s time to think about how to entertain the four-legged friends joining your camping adventure. 

A DIY agility course

Put your resourceful hat on and see what materials you can find around the place to create a makeshift agility course for your pooch and its furry pals. You’ll be amazed at what you can create with some logs and large rocks once you put your mind to it.

A walk in the wilderness

Exploring new terrain and finding new smells to sniff is a great way to stimulate your dog, so plan your route, pack some treats, fill a bottle with water, and head out into the wilderness. 

A training session or two

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but with new surroundings and some spare time, a camping trip is the perfect opportunity for some focussed training with your pooch.

Please note: only ever involve your furry friends in activities they’re capable of – don’t do anything that will put them in danger and if it’s too warm, keep activity to a minimum to keep them cool and calm.

Put the fun in functional with Winfields Outdoors

Now that you’ve got your activity agenda on lock, it’s time to make sure you’ve got all of the practical essentials covered too. After all, a game of Chase the Ace isn’t going to be much fun in the evening breeze if you haven’t got a sturdy awning to stop your cards from blowing away!

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